Greetings from childhood!

The real car, I remember other's transformer traded was on meh.privode with remote control, such as a remote control to turn the handle and it rotates))


These were the 90th, we are tough as they could))

Flashlights COX, Service not, as now))

U-96 das boost taxis still))

The tablet of my childhood)

The ticket for the underground 2000 years so that later all the toys, but pleases the ticket price))

Alf taxied before)) and bug agon))

Rebus, Chinese Globe-sharpener, by pin bowling alley, 2 doors from Zila iron

Globe over close-up, can someone found nedachet Chinese this sin on the map, like))


Kinder except dog and green Boomer

Hours bonus, I have all greetings to all from the 90s!




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