Do not deceive yourself, especially on the way to the registry office and in the hospital!

Here a person buys a ticket, say, in Murmansk. To live. Arrives. After 6 months suddenly starts to run around the city naked and indignant voice asking: "why not bloom tangerine???? Why is it so cold!?" And answers: "Well here Murmansk, there never was"... does not suit him. He desperately yells in answer: "But I thought it out differently! I just want warmth and colors that are abnormal desires? And would it be bad to here was warmth and bloomed tangerine? Let them plant! Let's all open the Windows and the street will become warmer!!!"

In General, this is what I — I have to work such "oddities" occur on a regular basis....

Often say that the life partner — husband or wife, are crucial in human life. To choose a spouse, it how to buy a ticket to where you'll live. But we are called destination at the box office/Registrar. Do not deceive yourself and others that You named one city, and You sold the ticket to another. This is not so.

The secret to an unhappy marriage

If your guy came on the first date, "tipsy", and You thought to yourself — "Well, he is for courage...". That Your request in the "cashier" sounded like: "please sell me a ticket to the village, "the Wife of an alcoholic".

Before the wedding he gave You an ugly scene of jealousy, and you thought, "wow, how he loves me so!". You will live in the city, "the Wife of a domestic tyrant".

Always in the beginning You hear a quiet but clear "bells" that not everything is as we would like. Always already before the wedding were the first signs. But one resolutely strides toward adversity: "No tangerines? Yes, we plant!“.

Cleverly signed a deal with yourself: "it's Always been cold? But it's global warming, maybe the weather will change...".

There is another option — come all so "cool" to the counter and tell the cashier: "Give, girl, me a ticket for the next train, and the best — plane. And Luggage I have, so I will have time to land, right on the same flight..." .


The man should not marryJoe Vitale: Practice GRATITUDE — a powerful method that is attractive and pleasant events in life

You also think that even if you do not fall in Sochi (and I sure it is there), the tangerine plant, the heater will turn on... You're all so self-sufficient (actually a casserole of unhealed childhood injuries with thick sauce of illusions and neurosis).

Don't do that. You in this city to live. And moving is very troublesome, and not always available. The ticket still have money to save, and to wait for the flight. And that ticket was...

Do not deceive yourself, especially on the way to the registry office and in the hospital.



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