Stop to alter adolescents for themselves, making them convenient for your life

Most adults have problems with teenagers in crowthrone default, that is, without thinking about it, consider children to be their property and, again, by default, extend to them their rules of life: "you must be like I said."

There is a big difference — the rules of the hostel, which sets out WHO PAYS for this Dorm, and not even all adults in the house, and how to be a kid.


The child is not your property.

He has NOT the same life, thank God, like yours, amongst other people, and generally NOT WITH YOU.

Stop to alter adolescents under him, trying to make them comfortable for their life. If you do not cease to do so, the child goes — and rightly so. And not bad that he's leaving, in the end, he has to go sooner or later, and that relations with you will be destroyed forever or for a very long time.


And suffer from this to a greater extent are you than your child because he, you know, a lot of his worries in his adult life, and he had no time to get bored. Yeah, maybe he will feel a sense of guilt that wasn't perfect and convenient for you. Yeah, maybe he will regret that have not found a way to establish a relationship with you.

But. Remember, please, one of you adult and wise?


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We're in a hurry to live...


Why the child needs you to become wiser and to find an approach to you, not you to him? You already degrade and turn into a cranky grumpy old man and want this to be remembered in his old age?

If not — stop the degradation, to grasp for the mind and become an example of wisdom for their children.published


Author: Nina Rubstein




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