The woman don't like...

To live with a woman that does not love is much more comfortable, safer and easier than the one to which glow with all the colors of the rainbow.

All the whims unloved you worry a little.

If she wanted cherry juice at night, you calmly go to the kitchen and pour a glass of available mineral water with the brand of sleeping at the same conscience.

You don't feel guilty when instead of having to listen to her story about what happened at work, you catch ear of the news on the TV behind her.

Her insults don't really hurt, and in consequence, to confess and she has to put up first. Because reconciliation is always looking for not who is to blame, but the one whose feelings are hurt stronger. And again, this only reinforces your position of "overlord" in the relationship.

You're not afraid to lose her and immediately become stronger, not depending on your future together. Which again, gives you power over a woman, because her freedom is her weapon, a Ghost which many men can easily put on the rack "quietly".

You're not disappointed.

Its failures, mistakes, embarrassment you little touch. It's her life. Of course, if she asks for help then you help. But if it is the third time failed the exams in GITIS, you don't get upset — will pay more attention to the house.

You're not jealous.

If she has signs of attention, you cold just watch her behavior, "ekzamenoj" its morality. And Woe to her if she doesn't pass or surely will be enough — "jealous" a cool head, manage anger — fine art and fun.
Your relationship is a strange mixture of friendship and sister love Affairs pensioner slut.

You are comfortable alone, you will always have something to talk about, you little quarrel. And when it comes to bed, all is ordinary, calm, though a bit utilitarian and from case to case. But "nachalot" proximity in such cases, only comfortable. The big attraction is still there and sex you no longer expect anything except their dose purely physiological "high."

So you can live with.

But sometimes you suddenly constrict the throat a feeling of futility and stalemate.


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!

Relationships as a Pact not to attack


Do whole life for this!?

And looking into her eyes, I want with all my might to shout — stop! What are you doing? Go away, don't waste your life on me! It's not worth it. I'm not bad, I'm not angry, I'm not against you, but I just don't love you! I am not yours!..
But not in her eyes in horror, she can't hear your scream, she believes you. And you are silent.

To live with the unloved woman comfortable and relaxed. "Love me, love my umbrella!". published





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