Tonino Guerra: Alone also company

The air
Air is the easiest thing around your head, it becomes brighter when you smile.

Philosophical conclusion
You love flowers and tear them; you love animals and eat meat; you say you love me – I'm afraid of you....


He was so in love that hasn't left the house and sat near the door, to hug her as soon as she ring the doorbell and say that also loves it. The head was one question: "do You love me?"
But she didn't, and he became old. One day, someone knocked softly at his door, and he got scared and ran away to hide behind the wardrobe...

About it
To catch laughing the heart of Laura, I gave her the cage in which lived my emails.

About Russia
When the long winter, need fairy tales to keep warm.

Chess game
English and Russian he met on Capri, they had a short but devastating novel. After the Englishman left for London, and the Russian returned to their Endless expanses. They decided to continue their love of playing chess at a distance.From time to time came a letter from Russia with the next course, and from time to time came to Russia a letter with the numbers from London. Meanwhile the Englishman got married, and had three children. Russian and is married. The chess game lasted for twenty years. One letter. five or six months. Until one day the Englishman not received a letter with such a tricky move with the horse, he ate the Queen. And the Englishman realized that this move made the other person to notify about the death of his beloved...

The sound of rain I like it now more than a loud Symphony concerts.

Loneliness is also the company.

Old age

... Until seventy years have I admired the Grand works of art, in front of the masterpieces that created mankind. I had a lot of strength for adoration... Now I am fascinated only natural things, only that created by nature. Rain or snow is always a spectacle. And you're not a viewer, not an admirer. You're part of the universe.
I learned that in old age you can experience great pleasure just because you touch the depth of what you see.

Once I explained the difference between the two words-watch and see.The youth looks, and sees old age. When you're young, you're blinded by the world, you see color, material. You often look but do not see.

Recently in Italy I was riding in the car and saw one thing that struck me. I asked to stop the car and left. It was a simple cast-iron bench. She was abandoned and covered with moss. She was so old that she had no sat. I saw her loneliness, I saw old men who used to sit on her and looked at the passing cars. These old men have long died and the bench was alone. I sat on it to share with her loneliness.
This is one of the pleasures of old age-to see...


A Russian ballerina, who was 70 years old, and she was teaching dance in schools, once conquered quite a young man his tall and slender figure. And he followed her.
Then she rushed to the house, so he couldn't catch her. And bothered, breathing hard, closed in the apartment. Young daughter asked what happened to her.
"An amazing story,' replied the old mother.- Behind me followed the young man.I didn't want he saw my disappointed face and my age. Look out the window if he's down there?"
The daughter went to the window and saw an old man who looked up.


Two days before the death of Federico Fellini said, "I want to fall in love again!" I was shocked! On the edge of the man wanted to relive love, to soar above the earth, to submit to the one who wants to obey, to hear the music of the orchestra in the shower...

He was not talking about a woman, he wanted to say that love is one of the magical moments in life. When you love, you stop being a person and become a fragrance. You don't walk on land, but float above it. This is the state of love is important in life. No matter what you're in love with a woman at work in the world or in life...

Love is not a joy and not a sorrow, not a reward and not a test, but all together is a journey into the magical country, the path to the secret you have to discover. Love always goes, everything has its end. But one condition is always poured into another, and this other may be a stronger feeling than love.

Today's marriages are short-lived, and the former lovers are deprived of a great discovery — how beautiful it is to walk together, holding hands, to death. Many people think that a new relationship will bring stronger feeling. This is not so. In Italian language there is a word that cannot be translated into Russian — "voler bene". It literally means to want good. There is "Amare" — to love, and is "voler bene". This is when to treat a person so that there is no one closer to him. "Amare" rests on the physical pleasure.

The strongest feeling on earth is when "Amare" turns into "voler bene". There is nothing more important on earth than the feeling of "voler bene". It comes only through years spent together, and these years should not carry credibility. The loss of such a long connection more tragic than the loss of love and even more physical pleasure. The loss of "voler bene" — this is a true, deep loneliness, absolute emptiness. I was lucky enough to experience the"voler bene". I will be ninety, and next to me Laura — my wife, whom I found in Russia more than thirty years ago.

I met with amazing love stories. I was born and live where stands the castle of Francesca da Rimini, whom Dante placed in Sant Arcangelo. There she loved Paolo, where the husband of Francesca killed the lovers. And since all this happened ten feet from my house, there is no love story for me more vivid and close. A huge "voler bene" was among my greatest friend Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina. For Fellini wooed by all the women of the world, but his latest gesture was a true hymn of love to Juliet, practically paralyzed, he escaped from the hospital when he learned that she was dying in a hospital in Rome. He traveled five hundred miles and laid down next to her. And when Fellini died, did not and Juliet.



Can't even explain. It's like you were petting a butterfly or perched on your shoulder.


My house stands so high that you can hear the cough of God.


There comes a time when begin to look for a partner of the person with whom you are listening to the rain.


Happy, happy, really happy
I've been in my life many times
But most of all
When I was released in Germany
And I was looking at a butterfly
No desire to eat it.


One person once said that he's a tree.
Frightened, ran to look at himself in the mirror and saw that he was a toad.

Three plates

One farmer, when he noticed that his wife cheated on him, told him to set the table three devices.
And they ate, looking at the third empty plate in front of them.


One man felt completely cut off from people and things. For example, seeing cowgirl, bathing in the river of oxen, he was able to admire his treatment of animals, but was not able to approach him. In the same way and with the girl, gathering on the tree cherries. The air stood between them. Then he looked at the river flowing at his feet, and saw that more it is not reflected.

About the wrong

Make it wrong nothing is perfect and nothing is sweeter than air – this is in General easy things around the head, which often becomes lighter, when you are widely smiling woman.
My furniture has the grace of the one who owns the line to perfection.


...No need to invent stories, I've never done this.To learn more about what surrounds me, every day I read four or five Newspapers. For example, recently I read in the newspaper, like a thief, just released from prison after serving four years, returned home, and the first thing to do is open the cage with the Canary bird and released it. These human cases amaze me, I cut and paste any stories in a large notebook.

Room stripe

This man had the fear rattling in the door, the caller on the phone or just saw him in the window of the house opposite. Then he ordered to paint a striped wall in her room. In blue and white stripes so they looked like his apron. If suspicious sounds of steps on the landing, he rushed for the apron, wore it and stood pressed against the wall. Sometimes the wife, returning home, could not find him. She called to him. But he is so blended with the wall, the room seemed empty.


One evening he stood in the tram and suddenly felt someone pulling his arm. Young soldiers give it to him as an elderly person. He was embarrassed and sat down: this happened for the first time. Looking at the window, beyond which nothing was visible but darkness, he suddenly felt the whole burden of his years. Since that night he locked himself in four walls, but they could not keep his anguish. One morning he received a letter from a distant city. Opening it, he found a picture of an old naked woman. No signature or explanation.

He put the glasses on and look in the wrinkled face, the familiar features: it was the only woman he truly loved in his life. Knowing the generosity of his beloved, he immediately understood her message.

Think about his suffering, the woman did not hesitate to show him his old body that he was convinced that the feelings are stronger than flesh.

From the diary

In a strong wind. With almond crumble the flowers. Catch them on the fly in the tilted parasols. One petal is glued to his forehead. Didn't like it. Buddhist monks give the petals their last respects. How to succeed in humility, vanity and pride in order to learn to respect the life of another creature. Everything around speaks of the unity of the universe, and that every thing in Creation is equal. One given voice.

They communicate using sounds and words. Others are talking through colour and aroma. Life is the breath of even a tiny leaf on the tree. We must learn to understand the suffering of a flower and identify its aroma friendly word. The East is not only a geographical space. He's a secret door in our consciousness. In the world, ascending vertically, it is a circle which is on the other in offset planes. Offset plane of the East is the favorable attention to the thrill of a single petal and renunciation of desires.

Alarm clock

One poor Arab trader was only one service for sale, which he put on his dusty carpet.He noticed that for the past many days, as the old woman interested in his alarm clock. It was one of the Bedouin tribes that move with the wind.
"I want to buy it?" he asked her once.
"How much?"
"A little bit. But I don't know, sell him. If you disappear and he will no longer have work."
"Then why did you put it up for sale?"
"Because it gives me a sense of life. What's he to you? Don't you see that he had no arrows?"
"But it's ticking?"
The dealer set the alarm and I heard a metallic sounding ticking. The old woman closed her eyes and thought that in the dark of night might seem like somebody else's heart is beating near.

She is much loved

She is much loved in life, but in old age it to nothing lying heart. And still it did not leave hope to meet on this earth something familiar.
Finally, loving the Cathedral in Assisi, she moved to this city. Winter nights in the pouring rain she went out with an umbrella on the street, only to not leave alone your pet, uchenogo terrible flashes of lightning.
With the onset of spring, as the morning and evening, the old woman was gentle ogledala dry, warm stones. It was a quiet, unclouded by the love of adultery, which lasted until his death.

Open gate

It is unknown who caused the patients to pull off the dirty sheets, white coats and aprons and go on a butterfly hunt. They built a tank, pulling on a metal frame mosquito nets. It came out light round cage where he crawled in captivity, fingering feet in the cells of the grid, countless Lepidoptera, zlatovcica devoid of greenery of the city on the blooming lawn and flower beds of the hospitals for the mentally ill.

In the end, the patients demanded the chief physician to send to the city centre, the nun-nurse and release it for all the butterflies. And it was done. Into the square came a lot of people, and when the nun dismissed cord, stagewise the mesh in the air soared the whole cloud of butterflies. Traffic was stopped because everyone was amazed by this extraordinary event. And when people understand its meaning, it is opened as a sign of solidarity the gates of the madhouse, to bestow his prisoners freedom and love.

Excerpts from the book "Tonino Guerra. Seven notebooks of life"

... When autumn falls the first sheet, it produces a deafening noise, because he falls for a year...

One must live there where the words can turn into leaves, sway in the wind or steal paint clouds. Behind our conversations have to stand the changing mood of the seasons, echoes of the landscapes where they occur. It is not true that the words free from the influence of noise and silence that have seen their birth. We say otherwise, when it rains or when the sun, pouring on the language...

...Comforted me wooden box of gray color, covered with barely visible remnants of white paint that rubs off. Behind the glass – a small pot of flowers, behind which a lace curtain. It's like a colour gift to those who pass by on the street, from people living in the house who appreciate the tenderness in life and give it to others.

...It's snowing and I have white thoughts. I would like nothing more to do. Is about to burst tedious new year's holidays. It would be nice to spend them with ordinary people who have kept the look of modesty. Those whose bread mixed with tears, who can speak with animals. Peace of mind and a certain clarity comes to me by chance, inexplicable omens and premonitions. Insight, full of mystery. They are far from our arrogant rationalism. It is important to bend to listen to the trees, or the confession of the memory of inexperienced people. I often swim in "night of the equilibrium of our being", as splendidly told someone once... that Means we can only believe that outside the rules of logic. I'm good at sunset when the last rays of the setting sun. It seems that I'm part of that light. To me it is spacious as spilled on the canvas, the varnish or paint from the palette of the artist. Become easy as the smell of grass, almost like in the old days, when at the hour of sunset I was young and strong...

...There are such days On chest I crushed the mountains of this sadness...

...Hay in the cracks of an abandoned house
Lurked honey.
It dripped down the hornet's nest,
And there is nobody to taste it. published

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