Find out how to influence the human energy lunar rhythms

In numerology the moon is attributed to a deuce, a symbol of changeability. The symbolism of this number that the influence of the moon manifests itself in the interaction, or the transition from one state to the opposite.

The most obvious example – over our heads, shape change, and earth tides. And the closest way that conveys the inner essence of the changes is our breathing. After all, you notice how naturally given the stress on the exhale, while the inhale is almost impossible.

Maybe it's not so obvious, but weeks and months – also formed the Moon. Four weeks of the month is the moon phase and the month – time from one conjunction between the Sun and the moon to the next. Thus, the arranged space of the watch. What do they tell us? First of all, the time of beginnings and achievements. In addition, each position and angular aspect with the Sun forms a special bond, the mood one way or the other arranges earthly Affairs.

Lunar calendar is more ancient than the sun. Even in Ancient Rome, after each new moon priests publicly announced the beginning of a new month, called the date of occurrence of the lunar phases. Since ancient times, people lived in accordance with lunar rhythms, they understood that the moon's influence on Earth is not weaker than the sun. Although the lunar calendar is more complicated in the light of dates, and because in everyday life to mark the dates and plan easier, using solar calendar.

The nature of the lunar days largely determine our behavior. The phase of the moon depends on the energy state of the organism, the degree of viability and activity.

Every month we go through a constantly changing set of cosmic rhythms and energies that strongly affect physical and emotional state, and the paradox is that we almost don't notice, primarily because the impact is global for all and all.

Simply following the intuitive promptings, you are subject to lunar rhythms. If you just tough mentally and mechanically are planning an activity that you can get into "flow" or go against "the tide." Essentially for this and recommendations on lunar days, just to tell the direction of the astral threads that suggest the right behavior, because the lunar rhythms tell us the most natural and most favorable at the moment the type of behavior.

There are people who even without the knowledge of the lunar calendar living in conformity with it. Usually they are very harmonious people. They have developed intuition and they used to listen to her.

Each lunar month is life in miniature, the birth, growth, flourishing, and old age. And these phases are reflected in our lives and in our deeds. Watch for them. To explore themselves, to know their quality and open new is very exciting! And when you learn their features, you will be able to find a way to correct undesirable reactions, knowing their cause. But this process is not mechanical but creative, because we are a unique personality and a hint there will be a direct manifestation of harmony and joy, peace.


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!Eckhart Tolle: the internal Awareness of the body — slowing aging process

During the waxing moon the body accumulates energy, and excessive load is undesirable as it can lead to exhaustion. At this time weakens the immune system, it is hard tolerated even minor ailments.

With the waning moon, the body easily and naturally consumes energy. L, egco transferred load, pain, rejected by the infection. Therefore, medical treatments and surgical intervention in the body is appropriate to spend on the waning moon. Of course, this is only a General guide, for important cases required the calculation of the map. published





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