As 7 days you can change the life once and for all

In Norway there is one interesting program called "hell week", which trained officers of the armed forces. It allows only 7 days to feel the taste of life, the value of simple things and completely change the attitude to every day.

Not stopping the constant work on yourself,the Website publishes the rules "hell week", which will help to pump yourself and your skills.

Get up at 5 am and go to bed at 10 PM. Be focused, involved and diligent all week, work hard. Stick to the plan. Be positive and decisive, energetic and active. Forget about the TV. And during working hours, no social networking and phone calls not work. Include physical activity in your life. All week you should have a healthy diet: no sweets and junk food.

"To conquer a bad habit easier today than tomorrow", — said Confucius. Indeed, work is, first and foremost, work on your habits. It begins on the first day of the week and consists of three items:

Make a list of their good and bad habits. Determine what skills or habits you want to develop and which to get rid of. What habits are you missing? What you need to do to develop them?

The second day of the week isto develop the right attitude and development focus. They have a special effect on the end result.

  • Attitude. Feelings affect the result, so take time to create the right mood. To find it, ask yourself the right questions regarding your business. For example, if you work as a florist, ask yourself: "How well I know the types of colors?", "How to properly care for each of them?" "What more can I do to please customers?"
  • Concentration. Do only one thing at the moment and forget about everything else, so you will be focused on a single task, and thus make it faster and better.

Wednesday is devoted to time management, planning, priorities and goals. Remember: you have enough time, the main thing — competently to distribute. Planning helps to realize the importance of tasks and prioritize.

  • You need to make a plan for the day, week, or month, based on what is important to you.

Thursday may be the most difficult day of hell week, but will give you invaluable life experience. On this day you will meet face to face with their main fears, a night not to sleep.

  • Only you know your fears like no other, so only forces you to deal with them. Declaration of love, decide on a difficult conversation or having overcome a fear of heights. To decide what to do, of course, you.
  • Spend the day unusual. Move only by running, or, conversely, spend all day on the bike.
  • You will miss sleep and work all night. For this you need to mentally prepare, for example to visualize a sleepless night and plan what needs to be done.

Work is important, but the right to relax is equally important. Friday is a day of conscious rest.

  • After a sleepless night, take a hot shower and a healthy Breakfast, delicious food, decide where to go or what going to do today.
  • Go back to what I have long wanted to do. It can be household chores or a trip to a special place, most importantly, to take responsibility for this.

Saturday — the day when in your mind there should be only positive thoughts. All day have to work to create a positive inner dialogue. The task is to show how the mindset affects everything that happens to you.

  • The main thing is to think positively and to block all negative thoughts. Think about your good qualities, achievements and future success.
  • Control your inner dialogue. Ask yourself the right questions and pick the right words.

It's the last day of hell week, and on this day, the most important is the insights, reflections and satisfaction from the done work.

  • Consider results and insights, which left behind this week, but better write them down. What have you learned? Realized? What difficulties have arisen? That you really important?
  • Pay attention to those little things in lifethat you were deprived of during "hell week". Now they will mean more to you. You become to appreciate, to notice, to feel, to perceive nuances like never before.
  • Finally reward yourself with a gift. Any how you want. You deserve it.
Source Eric Larssen "To the limit. The week without pity"
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