How to stay healthy and extend your beauty: 15 recommendations for women

1. Watch your posture, wherever you are — at home, at the workplace, during movement and standing. Pretty soon, proper posture will become second nature.

2. As much as possible go on foot.

3. Wear shoes with a heel no higher than 4cm, wide and stable. High heels leave for the holidays.

4. Sleep on a comfortable bed, preferably a semi-rigid mattress. Feather beds and sagging beds will ruin the spine and health. It is important that during sleep, the muscles could relax, and when you Wake, you feel refreshed.

5. If necessary, place them under your head and lower back cushions or soft toys of a similar form. But best of all sleep on my right side.

6. If you do a lot of sitting at a table, study or work, make sure that the chair a hard seat, straight back and armrests. At the back preferably on a cushion.

7. Feet put on the floor or on a stand at a right angle. Legs should not hang and should not catch them by the legs of the chair. Do not sit legs crossed is bad for women's health.

8. When working at the Desk the posture should be comfortable and in any case not tense.

9. Do not stand or sit in one pose longer than 20-30 minutes If you feel that the back gets tired and stiff, make a simple warm-up. Stretch in different directions, walk, take a few slopes.

10. Often follow these exercises are similar to stretching, animal, five exercises P. Bragg, and swim breaststroke, dance.

11. Unnecessarily not lift anything heavier than 5 kg. If you are carrying heavy bags, distribute the weight evenly between both hands. After do exercises on Witzenhausen, at least walk on all fours. But remember, hands and feet during this walk should be straight.

12. Lifting weights, don't do it overnight and do not bend over. Sit down, slightly bending your knees straight and tense the back, and in a position to lift the object. Remember, the back often hurts from the UPS when it is bent and not tense. Muscles hold the spine and the vertebrae are easily shifted.

13. Cleaning the apartment, use a MOP and a vacuum cleaner with a long handle to his spine was straight and slightly tense. The same recommendation applies to the work in the garden, the garden — use garden tools with long enough handles.

14. Install the mirror in front of which you do makeup, so that it was necessary to stretch and not to bend over. This will contribute to some stretching of the spine.

15. Include in your diet more foods that are good for bones — calcium and vitamin B. the b Vitamins a lot of products from sprouted wheat.


This simple technique will reduce the dose needed to stave off hunger, 2 times!What kind of disease they say the wrinkles and complexion

About 1-2 times a week take a natural calcium Supplement: ground egg shells (teaspoon) fish oil (1— 2 capsules).

The reception of the egg shell and fish oil should increase during rapid growth (13-15 years old), pregnancy, lactation, menopause. During these periods, preferably 1-2 times a week to eat jelly, jelly, boiled legs (pork, veal) in order to replenish its own cartilage and tendinous tissue.

These tips for women (some suitable for men) will allow them to keep healthy not only the spine, but also teeth, bones, improve body proportions, and extend the overall health and beauty for years to come.published





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