9 little things that tell more about a person than we think

Little peculiarities in human behavior can tell more than we think.

The website offers a transcript of some of the little things that will help you better understand those who are near.

As he smiles and expresses feelings

With a sincere smile wrinkles appear near the eyes and lips, with false — only near the lips. When people are overwhelmed with strong emotions, he moistened the eyes, the nose, it often starts to swallow saliva. If one of these factors is missing — feelings are not so sincere.

As welcomes

A strong and confident handshake says that in front of you is an extrovert who loves to strongly Express their emotions. If a person puts a hand on his shoulder — either you appreciate before you paddle. If you take the palm of both hands when shaking hands — the interlocutor has made a request or wants to communicate something.

How often the phone checks

The more often a person updates the tape in social networks, checking email, or performs other manipulation of the phone, the higher the probability that he is in a depressed state and looking for replenishment from the outside.

How does selfie

People who during a selfie holding the camera from below, as a rule, have a positive attitude towards others. Too serious and responsible personality rarely do the ins and photographed so that it was not clear exactly where they are. And excessive love for the "datasum" may indicate an increased level of nervous tension.

How to behave at the table

People who cut everything on his plate into small pieces, prone to long-term relationships and strive to live according to the plan. The man who even mixes up gastronomic masterpieces in a single unit, a strong kind of personality that takes on a lot of things and usually performs them. Those who handle food for a few moments, is a multi — tasking personality, which are often respected at work, they rarely break the deadlines and always think ahead. People who eat slowly, live in the present and know how to enjoy life.


If a person tells a story and often uses the pronoun "I" — rather, he is telling the truth. If this word is present in the speech always, this may be indicative of egocentrism. Frequent use of the pronoun "we" suggests a social engagement. It is interesting that with age, people begin to use verbs in the past tense more and apply verbs in the future tense.

Like eating popcorn

Studies show that introverts eat each grain separately and do it with great care. Extroverts, in turn, love to grab a handful of popcorn and send it in your mouth. Those who eat popcorn in one sitting and quickly, less selfish and appreciate the interests of others above your own.

What kind of coffee he prefers

Espresso prefer the leaders, but a double espresso is chosen by those who work better under someone's beginning. Latte lovers can sometimes have difficulty making decisions and also slow by nature. Cappuccino, tend to choose communicative, creative people, and lovers a like, frappuccino's peculiar penchant for adventure. The usual black coffee (Americano) do people with an easy approach to life, which rarely does some outrageous things. Sugar and creamer in regular coffee adds personality, who from time to time in search of new experiences I love to throw something.

Where to watch when he drinks

People who look deep into the Cup from which you drink tea or another drink, usually a more conscious, focused, sometimes prone to idealization. And those who look over the edge, more vulnerable to influence, sometimes lighthearted, but at the same time feel the surrounding world. If a person drinks with his eyes closed, so he is experiencing some pain or discomfort and looking for a way to relax.

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