How to think?

Telepathic communication exists even without the knowledge of another person, without the attunement. Clear lines of thought with the energy substrate clearly reach the addressee.

When someone is going through on their adult children or friends, thereby fueling the man of his energy and helps to carry "a piece of someone else's cross." In fact, this person does not give them the right to choose their own path. In this case, even the most positive thoughts will bring little benefit to someone you energetically fueled his thoughts. "Any thought - is energy. We are fueling this idea. Where is the focus of our attention - to the energy flows. To interfere in someone else's path with their good thoughts - it is not always correct. & Quot;

Parents of children with positive thoughts, which are expressed in specific thought-forms, sometimes strongly overlap children their way. Filled with energy the phrase: "I know how you will be better - and that's like that." This is the formation of thought forms that are blocking the development of a situation. Putting a positive energy in the desire of good, it is not necessary to invest thought forms "how good it is to be manifested to manĀ».

The positive or negative thoughts there is an important emotional component - energy. The stronger it is, the events with a + or - will form on the Thin plane.Chem invest greater energy emotions when we think - the more the process of thinking changes the plane of existence, changes the space around a person who thinks about. This is an interference in his private space.

When negative thoughts:

One person was thinking about the other person wrong. If the object of his thinking had the same thoughts, then this situation is manifested in the energy field. If he thinks of a man who does not have the frequency of synchronicity with these thoughts, then whatever force was not directed energy - the energy field, he can not change! Because the vibratory pattern of another person above, ie low vibration thoughts sent by high-vibration man comes before him, and does not change the energy field. But she / thought / very much like a boomerang, change the energy field of the person who sent it. He sent the thought to 10u.e. and received a retaliatory strike on 20u.e., and even on 30u.e. It all depends on the emotional component of promise.

When a person sends a negative thought, it gives a person energy.

The first option, for example, two women discussing a third. What they did not talk about it, how much would not stir up the mud, the third woman blooms. The energy that they send is just energy. The third person gets energy for their deeds!

What would it need to be structured to have certain properties. It is necessary to have a high internal potential. People with high energy potential, as a rule, do not think bad about others.

The second option: Two low-energy person sent negative-structured energy to each other. He and other get gaps in the energy fields. The bullet flies back and forth, and all full of holes.

The third option: If a person has a high-frequency energy is broken and sends a low-vibration man negative message, here triggered causal relationships. In this situation, the person will get a strong back, where he will show exactly what he did, why he thought was unconscious and dangerous energy. This situation is the most difficult!

Positive thoughts:

When it is not unconditional love (BL), people also share their energy, regardless of attunement with the other person. But he is no expansion of the energy structure. Steady state fields, but energy fields are stretched. They only have time to replenish energy potential, but there is no strong distortions.

When a person sends a BL in relation to the other person, then completely free of any thought and was only unconditional love and fortune. At the subtle level is as follows: it is fully accumulated in the energy bodies of the man who is sent, and she immediately prescribed energy potential. The person who sends the BC energy and energy state do not decrease, but increased several times when sending Love.

We are not only transforming love, but it started to generate from itself!

Conventional high-human love towards another man standing at a low energy level is seen as an intrusion in the energy field. This is manifested by burning ears, cheeks, the whole face. It must take into account those who are stepping up their rates. When interacting with people - be careful and attentive to their condition. Untrained energy structures seriously take this Love.

If you came to a thought about the person, you must not think about that person, and come to think why this idea. Learn to filter and learn to be a mental silence. It's also a job!

Through prayer, through its call load cell, love and gratitude, and forgiveness for the introduction. Thus, forgiveness restores energy, which is given to the relationship and levels in the higher plane. Just when asked for forgiveness! -Nothing Is happening now is not just. All we reproduce themselves in their lives for themselves. The child we give BC in the whole volume. The man she loved, beloved, we also give freedom and love, that we can give without any conditions. This is the best that we can give and receive the best in return. What kind of relationship we are building - a relationship we get in return!

We need to become more responsible in the light of the admission of new energies, large vibrations, a large force. We all want to be light, we all want to be strong. But the light has to be reasonable! The more we can, the more we understand, the more intelligence we have to bear for their thoughts, emotions and actions.


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