Magic crystals.

# The crystals and precious stones # are gifts of Mother Earth we are with you. This magical tools that can be used to enhance the magic rituals. In addition, all the stones have a natural protective and healing properties, so even in the most severe cases, they can help to find harmony and strength. Choosing stones should be conducted with respect and love. When choosing a crystal should find one that you like and appropriate to the purpose of your ritual. Each person and each crystal has its own vibration. Here before you is a showcase or a tray with a variety of crystals, there are also quartz and many others. How to choose? There are many ways to find out which stone will suit you in every case, but an instant sense of connection that you feel when you look at the stone, is the right one. External appeal stone helps you feel its effect. Look at the stones, try to feel their vibrations. Take the stones in his hands, feel their energy, if you do not want to release the stone from the hand, it is exactly what you need.

Well, you have purchased # stone, now you have your own crystal #. What to do next? First of all, you need to clean it. This is best done with warm soapy water and rinse under running. This will remove the stone with all extraneous vibrations acquired by him on his way from production to the wholesaler to you as a buyer. This will also clear the stone from dust and dirt. After all, you regularly take a bath and shower, and a crystal needs to be the same. Then it can be put, so that it fell light of the moon, but not the sun. I do not brush their salt crystals, as recommended by many books. Salt also has a crystalline substrate. If you look at your crystals, you can see small cracks. When salt gets into them and stay there, it can damage the stone.
Quartz crystals keep vibrations of sound, light, emotion, contact with other bodies, changes in the external environment and the feelings of those who dealt with them. Therefore, they must be cleaned before working with them to offset their internal vibration. When people work with crystals, they are very accurate and sensitive tool. They accumulate the person's intentions, strengthening and increasing them, and sent into the world. When you program a crystal, it becomes an extension of yourself. Storing programs in a crystal like storage in a computer chip. Quartz crystal receives energy, processes it and then sends out vibrations in a precise manner. The fact that it is incorporated, leaves clarify and strengthen. The crystals do not have feelings, and do not distinguish between good and evil, and thus the key to it - the intention of the person using them.
You can program the chip in such a way: make sure that your crystal cleared. Sit in silence and think about what you want to invest in a crystal. Take a deep breath and take the stone in his left hand, focus on your intention. This is a very powerful way to program the chip. Try and use different crystals for different purposes.


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