Causes irritation:

1. Smart people say that irritates us in others what is peculiar to ourselves. Or rather that we do not want to accept and recognize themselves. Those character traits that we do not, the other person can simply not notice, or treated them indifferently.

2. People do not justify our expectations. The closer our people, the more "his" we believe the greater demand of it. But he somehow their goals and aspirations, and it should not, and can not make us happy.

3. We are often irritate other people's successes. This is because we compare their weaknesses with the strengths of others. This we have been taught by parents, teachers, but our entire society, which encourages competition, which is intolerant of errors, which wanted to spit on individuality and personal inclinations of man.

4. We note with his head immersed in the material considered valuable material things, those who pay for the money (that's so hard to make!) And did not appreciate the true values ​​- human relationships, that gets us free.
We love things and use people. That is, by and large, treat people as things.

5. We do not live in the present, and is tormented by the past and worry about the future. How often, instead enjoy the joy of the present moment, to give and receive all the love, respect, gratitude, we spoil all about memories of our negative reaction to any acts of man or fear of the future that we have this love and respect not be able to keep.

6. That we created a society. And to change it, you need to start with yourself. That is for the whole of society are responsible individually and collectively.
Of course, you say, well, what can one person do?
Personally, I always ask myself this question: "If not me, then who?»
Responsibility - another name for freedom.

What comes out of it:

1. dislike and rejection itself generates dislike others because the world around - it's just a reflection of the world within.

2. Negative emotions (which is life itself) color in all our reality in the appropriate tone. We ourselves attract the so-called "black" strip.

3. annoyed, we give the force. That is, the universe affirm that these people may have an impact on our lives. And the universe is of course responsible is always the same: "I hear and obey." (Secret Movie)

What to do:

1. Remember, remember always, as long as it will not be felt by the whole being that we - one that we are united. What can not be won at the expense of others, but it is possible - together (Moses Code film). That each soul has come into the world to solve their problems, and no one you should not.

2. Take yourself entirely, to love, stop comparing yourself to others. Take both its advantages and its drawbacks, because "in every dark corner of the soul can be concealed treasures" (Moses Code film).
And when we accept and love ourselves, we automatically come to love and accept others such as they are.

3. Take responsibility for all the people we attract into our lives. Everyone we met a man shows us we have people only mirror our relationship with the world.

4. We are always free to choose how to react to the behavior of the other person. We can not respond automatically, reflexively (offended by the insult or praise rejoice), while they themselves choose to create their feelings, that is, to be creative in this matter.
(Deepak Chopra "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success").


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