If there is at least one of these 13 things, throw it away immediately! The reason discouraging.

Each of us knows that in order to enjoy a healthy atmosphere in the house, we should observe elementary rules of hygiene. Clean and tidy in the house, of course, key factors in this respect, by supporting them, you ensure yourself a comfort.

Household dirt and dust significantly reduce the air quality in your home premises. Micro-particles of such dirt and dusty air can consist of soil particles, fungal spores, dead skin, pollen, soot, sand, food waste and even individual micro-particles of some metals (e.g., lead from the printing ink from the press).

Thus, violation of hygiene in the home can lead to the development of allergies and asthma, cancer, cause skin eczema, itching, swelling, frequent night waking, and even cause partial mental retardation in children.

"Website"taking care of your health, I decided to pay attention to the 13 risk areas in the apartment. If you're not familiar with them, the observance of the norms of purity is simply impossible!

Home hygiene
  1. Toothbrush

    The subject of personal hygiene holds a lot of bacteria that you face daily and growth which will surely cause damage to your teeth. To avoid various dental diseases, just change your brush every 3 months. It is worth to change it and after diseases like acute respiratory infections, flu.

  2. Pillow for sleep

    We are not talking about the linen change, but a change of the cushion or filler. Printed material with regular use becomes a source of pathogenic microorganisms. Even with regular washings and dry, during sleep, this material can absorb moisture, sweat, dirt, microparticles of your skin. Be sure to change your pad or litter every 3 years!

  3. Sponge for shower

    Another subject, which is one of maximum risk areas. Contacting with the microparticles of the epithelium and dirt, while constantly being in a damp environment (bathroom), a shower sponge is a source of bacteria which constantly multiply on its surface and inside fibers. Try every time to carefully wash and dry well the subject. A sponge in the shower needs to be changed every 3 weeks.

  4. Lenses for eyes

    The subject of hygiene, which is directly in contact with the outer shell of the organ of vision, certainly need to keep sterility. But, anyway, over time on the lens surface can form invisible damage or scratches. And any, even minor damage to environment for bacteria and microorganisms. To prevent eye infections and to ensure the necessary hygiene lenses should be replaced every 3 months.

  5. Lipstick

    Since all beauty products for the health or make-up are constantly in contact with our body, they are an excellent environment for the spread of bacteria. To avoid developing infections both external and internal, always stick to the storage conditions of cosmetics and watch for their expiration date. Lipstick should definitely be changed every 2 years.

  6. Blush

    As mentioned above, this cosmetic product is in constant use is a medium for bacterial growth. To avoid exposing themselves to skin infections, just change blush every 18 months.

  7. Nail Polish

    The nail plate also requires careful maintenance and care. Accordingly, care needs to be in order. Decorative or hygienic varnishes should be replaced every year. With longer use there is a risk of infection and increases the level of toxicity of the varnish.

  8. Eyeshadow

    Change every year to avoid contact with harmful microorganisms and bacteria on mucous eyes.

  9. Mascara

    Should be changed every 3 months, even if her consistency remains acceptable to coat each lash.

  10. Eyeliner

    If you use liquid with a brush, this eyeliner should be replaced every 3 months. If you prefer pencil, quite at the same time to change the sharpener.

  11. Damaged Teflon coating

    Any kitchen tools with damaged coating should immediately stop using. Especially when it comes to Teflon coatings. Noticing even a slight scratch on the pan or pot, be sure to put this dish to the side. In addition to the basic bacteria that appear on the damaged sections, broken Teflon coating increases the level of carcinogens in food during its preparation. As soon as possible find a pot replacement!

  12. Rags and sponges for washing dishes

    Another hotbed of all kinds of infections and bacteria. Be sure to change them every month.

  13. Home clothing

    Each of us has a favorite comfortable things for the home, the age of which can reach tens of years. If you did not dare to part with your favorite homemade shorts or shirt, I suggest you to replace them. Worn for many years things like bed linen, absorb sweat and dirt particles in your epithelium, which are deposited in the tissue. Besides the smell of old clothes is not very pleasant. For your own health and for hygiene reasons, be sure to change even the most favorite clothes. Health and a neat appearance are worth it!

Now you know your health is in your hands! But these simple rules — the basics of domestic hygiene, which will help to ensure not only cleanliness and comfort of your house, but will be the guarantor of well-being.

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