Vision problems — fear of evaluation of lives in the eyes

"Armor blocks anxiety and have not found the output energy is at the cost of impoverishment of personality, loss of natural emotion, the inability to receive pleasure from life and work."

Wilhelm Reich


"Good" parenting in childhood and the constant suppression of emotions in adult life, record the voltage of the corresponding blocks on the muscles. This stress becoming chronic, further inhibits a free movement of energy flows.

Sooner or later it leads to the formation of "muscular armor", which creates a fertile ground for the development of various resistance and even struggle with the outside world, and therefore with as suppressed natural emotional human activity. A person does not feel or may not fulfill their true desires come to a balance and understanding of yourself.

Spending day after day, year after year in such a corset, people become more and more heavy, he bound the load of emotions that drags on itself in a kind of clothes, armour. In the end, the person ceases to notice his stiff and lifeless, loses its keen interest in life and completely moves to the head, where he spent his entire life.

Wilhelm Reich has developed a number of techniques allowing to relax the long-forgotten clips, blocks. And then, perhaps for the first time, a person feels ALIVE, free... He can then ask: how I could live and not see this? But this is only the beginning...

The eye segment is the first segment, which begins the process of removing the shell. It includes the muscles around the eyes, forehead, eyebrow, top, side and back of the head, the back of the nose and upper cheeks. It also includes the muscles of the neck, located directly below the occipital part of the skull.

This whole area is a channel for the energy moving in the body and out of it. Particularly important here is the eyes — they say that through the eye enters and leaves eighty percent of our energy. All our feelings can be expressed through the eyes, and likewise in the eyes they can be blocked.

In fact, any place in the body, through which enters or leaves the energy is potentially a place where energy can be blocked. Children are naturally open and vulnerable to the energy and emotional impact from outside.

When the child is surrounded by the loving atmosphere created by caring parents, it visually and energetically absorbs all these experiences open wide and trusting eyes.

When a child is between the screaming, bickering parents, then unconsciously begins to block this violent energy, not letting her inside, especially through sight, because no child wants to see around him things like this happen.

Blocks they arise from the so-called social fears. (Something wrong in my relationships with people).

These include fears like:

1. fear of making a mistake, mistake, mistake

2. fear to hear (and see) the assessment about yourself from people

3. fear to offend (insult) another person. Associated with childhood memories, when we are in infant naivety said "something" to the relatives, mom's friends house.

Symptoms of the block:

1. abnormally shifty eyes

2. abnormal still look

3. strong and permanent "namasivaya" forehead during a conversation

4. severe nakupovanie eyebrows with the formation of permanent wrinkles between the eyebrows

5. always "surprised" raised eyebrows and wide-open "naive" eyes

Feelings of the patient:

1. Complaint type "painful to watch", the constant desire to squeeze temples with his hands, "push" the eye in the orbit

2. Reduced vision often occurs myopia

3. All complaints which can be related to the fact that the blood vessels that feed the eye, a chronically "pinched"

4. Make complaints against headaches (excessive tension of the eye muscles)

5. Difficulty crying (as markedly abnormal state)

6. Conversely, constant tearfulness (as markedly abnormal state)


Life energy: deliverance from the body "armor" and "armor character"Bert Hellinger: the One who gave more than measures, I would leave the relationship

In the tightened muscles around the eyes are enclosed repressed emotions. When the senses are awoken and released, pouring out of eyes, their vision awakening brings new clarity. A clear vision includes not only the physical eyes and the eyes of understanding and intuition. The physical eyes can see great, while on 6олее subtle energy or intuitive level can take place in almost complete blindness.published




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