15 films in which plays only one actor. But how he plays!

Seventy eight million three hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred ninety two

Five million two hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred forty three

There is a category of films that "make" a single actor. And he plays so that the eyes do not tear. Sometimes it is a movie etched in our memory for a long time — much stronger than tape with millions of budgets and crowds of stars.

Recently in the Russian rolling out a great band "the Collector", where in the picture is Konstantin Khabensky. And for this reason we Site decided to think of other good films in the same (or almost the same) actor.


Psychological drama about the anguish of a man accustomed to torture others, more than convincingly played by Konstantin Khabensky. Other characters here exist only in the form of votes in the handset, and all the intense and emotional film rests on a wonderful game of one actor.

The Shallows The Shallows

Twenty three million eight hundred twelve thousand seven hundred forty six

Triumph of the will of man to the forces of nature, fate, fate is to perceive the story in different ways. The most important thing — the movie is about how a wounded surfer on a tiny island guarding the shark catches. Because somewhere deep down we are all afraid to be face to face with the inexorable danger to overcome that is beyond our ability.

Nerves are High Strung

Sixty million seven hundred eighty one thousand three hundred ninety six

Do not carp — Yes, there are more actors in the episodes and in the end appears briefly Jim Carrey. But the movie is not on it, and the Steve Odekerk. This amazing one-man show. His character is actually the whole day doing nothing, only grunts, grumbles, and shakes all the nerves. But what makes it so funny and brilliantly that the film is definitely worth a look, and perhaps more than once.

Duel Duel

Twenty nine million one hundred twenty one thousand two hundred seventy

The first feature film by Steven Spielberg, which immediately showed critics and audiences that it was a brilliant Director. The film, shot in just 13 days, remains in some sense a consummate job. Quite a simple story about the driver followed by chasing hell of a crazy truck turns into a parable of the faceless evil, which could face anyone. But the word "parable" should not mislead you — it's a real Thriller, where the voltage of the captures from the first minute. (And then the giants on the road — they really scare?)

Will not go out hope All Is Lost

Eighty three million three hundred seventy six thousand four hundred twenty eight

High tanned man good looking, despite his age, travels on a luxury yacht on the Indian ocean. But suddenly everything changes and he is left alone with the abyss. He will have to come to grips with the raging elements — for myself and for those who remained on the shore.

Outcast Cast Away

Eighty six million five hundred forty thousand nine hundred fifty eight

Chuck Nolan the fate of the ruthless way forced me to look at his time from a different angle and rethink their priorities. The plane, which was flying the engineer, falls in the middle of the ocean, but he miraculously manages to survive. Now he has painfully long years to spend on a desert island, every day fighting for the right to life.

Locke Locke

Forty nine million three hundred seventy one thousand two hundred eighty six

Well, where do without "Loka" in this collection. A great opportunity without interference to admire Tom hardy closeup. But seriously, the tape is worth viewing — one and a half hours we observe the life of Ivan Locke, who used to keep everything under control, broken into fragments and immersed in chaos. Despite the fact that in the frame of one hardy, there's a lot of plot threads that are woven into a tight ball.

Gray's anatomy Gray's Anatomy

Six million one hundred six thousand nine hundred sixteen

Unusual and fun experiment famous Director Steven Soderbergh — he's a known fan of the search for new forms. The film is a solo performance, or, in other words, a monologue of Spalding gray, writer and actor, periodically interrupted various short inserts. In the US, gray's has a lot of fans, and his dramas is something of a cross between stream of consciousness and stand up.

Hole Zulo

Fifty five million seven hundred thirty two thousand five hundred thirty

The "hole" is a philosophical and very realistic film that explores facets of the human psyche. Miguel, a 40 year old man one day wakes up and discovers that she is in a dark pit, lined with bricks. All he has is a bucket and a blanket. A man thrown into a pit two thieves in masks (which we practically do not see), who only occasionally throw down a cigarette, a piece of cheese or a candle. And the only time when it is no longer concerned with physical survival, it turns out that he knows very well his kidnappers.


Mike Enslin writes novels in the horror genre, but it does not believe in supernatural forces and ghosts. Never before has he failed to catch such phenomena myself. Never before... Until he decided to come to the hotel "Delfin" and settle in the notorious room 1408. John Cusack in this film is one of his most eccentric roles and reveals, perhaps, their full potential.

The man who sleeps Un homme qui dort

Ninety million eight hundred seventy eight thousand two hundred forty four

French film exploring the loneliness of a man who wants nothing and feels nothing. A chronicle of the rejection of the outside world and the slow immersion in a complete removal, thorough description of gradual withdrawal from people and things. Do not be confused that the tape is black and white — the stronger impression of her.

Human voice The Human Voice

Thirty eight million seven hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred sixty six

In the movie, based on a play by Jean Cocteau, and possess a great actress Ingrid Bergman. She plays a woman who calls you the beloved on the eve of his wedding, and tries to explain. The conversation begins calmly, but within an hour, the heroine comes to despair. And this is the hour of pure delight for the connoisseurs of cinema.

Buried alive Buried

Twenty five million six hundred eighty six thousand six hundred thirty four

Paul has been working in Iraq on contract. During the ambush he was knocked unconscious and after some time came to himself, being buried in a wooden coffin. He will experience unimaginable amount of terrible psychological shock and apply a lot of physical effort in the fight for their own lives.

Bronson Bronson

Twelve million six hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred seventy seven

Just try to say that this film is not one actor. It's practically a one-man show, where all the other secondary characters — no more than the scenery. This Tom hardy you have not seen — he is brilliantly believable as a raging Charles Bronson, "the most dangerous criminal in Britain", who dreams of glory.

Moon Moon 2112

Fifty one million one hundred fifty thousand four hundred forty one

Sam Rockwell in the role itself, and again so good that this tape be sure to remember whenever it comes to the films of one actor. Here we are unable not to speak. The soul is a poignant story about a man who spent three long years on the moon in solitude and isolation, unless you count the robot GERTY (by the way, with the voice of Kevin spacey). His contract is coming to an end and two weeks before returning to Earth he meets his mate. But what is strange — it looks like him as two drops of water.

This, of course, a list of the great movies of one actor ends. There are "127 hours" and "gravity", "Phone booth", "Brake" and "Life of PI". About them can be found in this collection.

Don't forget to write in comments about your favorite movie where one actor shines.

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