Russell Crowe 50 today!

The famous actor, who played a gladiator, Noah, Robin Hood and math genius - Russell Crowe today marks nearly 50 years! I suggest you take a tour of the filmography of the actor. Russell Crowe, the full name of Russell Ira Crowe, born April 7, 1964 in the New Zealand city of Wellington in the family, originally associated with show business. Grandfather Russell, Stan Vemis - Film Award winner of World War II, and the parents - Alex and Jocelyn - have also been closely linked with the world of cinema and television.

His grandmother belonged to the Maori, one of the peoples of New Zealand, and is now itself claims Crowe was a cannibal, and the great-grandfather of the actor was a Norwegian Viking. All Russell ancestors possessed uncommon physical strength, which was passed to him by inheritance. For them it was the norm and it is respect for the men and a slight contempt for women, so the birth of Alex and Jocelyn two sons - Terry Russell - was seen by relatives with great approval.
When Russell was 4 years old, their family moved to Sydney, and since then, the future star was constantly in the midst of showbiz - work parents of the boy was in the delivery of products on the set of the Australian film studio, where they often take with them and the boys. "I was on the set during the shooting of films and television programs from 5 to 9 years" - says Russell. - "And it's just fascinated me. I always wanted to know what happens behind the doors of the television platform, because I have never been there. But I always knew that sooner or later I will open those doors. Since an early age I had lost all fear of TV and filming, because I knew how much it's fantastic ».

Start film career
Russell was only six years old when he took part in the show "Spayfors" on Australian television, directed by the godfather of his mother.
"Even at 6 years - says the actor - I wanted to look like a 28 year old guy who played a war veteran, and I said to my parents, so they enrolled me to audition. I do not know why the director did not want to see me in this role. Perhaps I was too young, but I'm sure that would have coped with this role ».

Continued studies, music
Returning home to New Zealand at the age of 14, Russell Crowe continued his studies at school. Acquainted with Dean Hohranom soon they founded the rock group "Roman fun", and with seventeen years young Russell Crowe - songwriter "Thirty warriors marching out of step." Many years later, Anthony Hopkins said he was like him in his youth, but most Crow in those years was a different idol - to start a solo career as a musician under the name Ras Le Rock, his first single he called quite remarkable - "I want to be like Marlon Brando. " Solo career Russell developed very successfully in this period, he had plenty of success in the music and recorded a few songs, but the actor himself treated his early creations with great skepticism and jokingly said that they "quickly took the last place in the charts." < br />

But still a rock star to become Russell Crowe did not happen, and therefore had to make a living in other ways - to wash the restaurants dishes, worked as a waiter, to play with the old bingo and even play the guitar on the street in the hope that passers-by will throw in his cap some trifle. "I remember when moonlighting as a waiter and had a few weeks to go to work in different shoes, one was black, the other - the red. The fact that black shoes are just right to me, and small red. Therefore, when I stole one black shoes, I decided it was best to go, so that at least one leg was comfortable, because the new shoes in my size when I could not afford to buy. "

While his peers received the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, students who at the time was Judy Davis, Jacqueline McKenzie (partner Russell of "skins") and Mel Gibson, himself Crowe, and did not finish even high school, considered that already has enough acting skills to learn from someone else again, preferring to do without education and mastering their own career as a musician and actor.
But even with such carelessness in the 19 years the guy was lucky - he was offered a role in "The Rocky Horror Show" - in the period from 1986 to 1988, Russell participated in about 415 performances of the show. Parallel operation of street actors in Kings Cross in Sydney and continued to earn a waiter soon Russell Crowe began attending various auditions, as a result of which he was offered a role in the TV series "Neighbours" in 1985.
After the "Neighbors" Russell Crowe was invited to the film "Prisoners of the Sun", published in 1990, but success came to him only with the approval of the lead role in the action movie "Crossroads" George Ogilvie. When Ogilvy asked Russell about what role he would play in this film, the actor replied without hesitation: "All", although in reality wanted to play Johnny Raina, the protagonist.

Taking that same year participated in the war drama by Stephen Wallace, "Blood Oath", the following year, Russell Crowe played the role of Andy in the drama Jocelyn Moorhouse "Proof," which brought him the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor. But the really famous, he felt only once in 1992 on the screens out youth drama Geoffrey Rush about the life of a teenage gang "Skins" - despite the fact that this film was not treated kindly by critics because of the racist, yet However, in Australia, it has become one of the top grossing projects of the year.

Russell Crowe desire to be like Marlon Brando in some way come true - like Brando, who started in Hollywood roles young rebels, the first significant work of Russell in the movie was precisely the role of the neo-Nazi skinhead desperate Hendo. "In the" skins "I was afraid to dive into the dark ideology of neo-Nazism - admits Russell himself - but on the other hand, it allowed me to tell the public what is really going on with the world." For this role, Crowe was awarded the second prize of the Australian Film Institute and the Australian Guild of Film Critics award for Best Actor.

In the next two years, the actor played the role of Arthur in the drama of David Elphick "Mysteries of love or love to the rhythm of Limbaugh," Lachlan drama Aaron Kim Johnson's "Moments of Love" Ista drama Anne Turner "Between a rock and a hard place," and the role of Kim Barry and Jeff Mitchell in Ron Howard's drama "Expert" and "The Sum of Us," respectively.

Frenetic energy of the actor caught the attention of critics and audiences, and most importantly - a young actor drew the attention of Sharon Stone, at that time headed the list of the biggest stars in Hollywood - she just insisted on inviting Russell for the role of the priest's court at which appeared in 1995. The tape of Sam Raimi "Fast and dead ", where she played a major role. Alas, the year of release, few appreciated the parody of the charge and the style of the film, in its own way to crack down on the traditions of the genre of westerns. Here, Gene Hackman sneered at himself from the "Unforgiven", Sharon Stone funny ridiculed several feminist images of strong women, and the plot was a mockery both of the classic Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West" and a lot of similar stories about the Avengers with the Wild West. Despite the fact that the film is not very popular and has been enjoyed appreciated only a few years, Crowe was seen directors immediately after the painting and submitted them to the list of promising actors.

In the same 1995 Hollywood bosses are checked for signs of negative charm, inviting the role of the villain in the fantasy thriller "Virtuosity", where as the soundtrack to the film used in some of the songs the group Russell «Thirty Odd foot of grunts», and the title role brilliantly performed Denzel Washington. But the tape holding the audience in suspense because of Sid 6.7, experimental cybernetic organism, which was founded ten information about the most notorious killers and psychos in the history of mankind, and whose role and performed our hero. This thriller, as the above-described film "Quick and the Dead," also liked not much, but if the "Virtuosity" was a big bestseller rolling, Crowe would be instantly transformed into a proprietary Hollywood villain.

After playing a few less notable roles in the romantic comedy Ridley Scott's "Magic" with Bridget Fonda, in the crime drama Frank Cappello "No turning back" melodrama Robert Grivolda "to break" and the thriller Craig Lahiffa "Heaven on Fire", the actor got -taki in 1997 to his first hit, securing his status as a star.

Curtis Hanson, the affected game Crow in the "Skins", invited him to a major role in his Oscar-winning film "Secrets of Los Angeles," which was the subtle and clever stylized black film. Describing the nature of his character Bud White, rough, vulgar, but still attractive and very vulnerable cop lover, the actor says, "He's a racist. He is convinced that he was right. Constantly foul-mouthed son of a bitch. However, in the course of the film you can see why he's so, why it becomes so. It turns out that he is just looking for love and understanding, as well as all the people. I think that it is a product of the world and hard work. " After "LA Confidential", nominated for the "Oscar" in 9 nominations and won two of them, Russell Crowe fell down numerous offers.

Fate smiled Crowe, giving the opportunity to play in 1999 in tandem with a brilliant Al Pacino in the film Michael Mann's "The Insider." For the filming of this tape Russell Crowe 6 weeks recovered 10 kilos, eating solely cheeseburgers with bourbon and lounging all day watching television; painted gray hair and in general has changed beyond recognition. All of these efforts have been made to the actor, which was conceived to be reincarnated as a white-haired 50-year-old man with a loose figure, bald, glasses and asthmatic wheezing.

While starred in parallel in the film "Erin Brockovich," Julia Roberts kept wanting to meet this Erin to better get used to the role, Russell Crowe himself refused to meet with the prototype of the hero Jeffrey Wigan: "I was afraid that Jeffrey will begin to teach me" .

The role of small, defenseless man, who managed not to break under the blows of fate, brought Russell Crowe's first nomination for "Oscar", and despite the fact that in the race for the "Oscar" it is a result of losing the magnificent Kevin Spacey received a "golden statuette for his role in the melodrama "American Beauty," it is safe to say that Russell was worthy of this award, no less.
Oscar-winning "Gladiator"
Having played in the same in 1999 as John Baiba in the film "Mystery, Alaska," Russell Crowe in 2000 was invited to the major role which brought him finally "Oscar" in the historical epic Ridley Scott's "Gladiator," has already had time to become a modern film classics and named the best band of 2001. Russell Crowe really tried their best, surrendering this work entirely - after filming "His man" he had to lose artificially overweight, after which it began to compare with Robert De Niro, who for a role in "Raging Bull" did something similar ; as he had with the help of rods to fix its muscles.

In addition, despite the harsh production schedule, the actor found the strength in between the already strained filming perform a series of physical exercises, affecting the whole crew of his incredible capacity for work, and this despite the fact that at the time themselves filming him for hours had to wear 30 -kilogrammovye armor and fight the Bengal tigers, which required considerable physical strength, agility and skill. All this had to be done in order to look convincing as a man without flaws, majestic figure and devoid of even a hint of inferiority - that this was his hero, General Maximus, rebelled against treacherous betray him psychopathic emperor of Rome.

The large-scale, spectacular picture of the famous director, grossed a little less than half a billion dollars, also collected a crop "Oscars", including the award for best film, as well as the award for Best Actor for our hero, but after receiving an actor golden statuette broke serious scandal the fact whether he deserves this award.

Continued career. "A Beautiful Mind"
In the same year the actor played the role of Terry Thorn, rescues from captivity kidnapped by terrorists of man, in the insurgent Taylor Hackford "Proof of Life" did not meet expectations and been a favorite of viewers not because of its artistic value, but only because of the scandalous novel lead actors - Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, has abandoned for the sake of her husband Denis Crowe Kueyna.

However, most probably, a controversial work of Russell Crowe today can be called the role of the brilliant mathematician, teacher of Princeton University, a Nobel Prize winner and famous schizophrenic John Forbes Nash, Jr., published in the 2001 Ron Howard's drama "A Beautiful Mind".

Russell Crowe at first intended to take part in the filming of the thriller, Jodie Foster "Flora Plum," but because of a dislocated shoulder actor to be treated, the shooting had to be postponed. Abandoning replace Russell another actor Jodie Foster agreed to wait, however, until she was in waiting, Crowe began acting at Howard. Great to cope with a very challenging role requiring a high emotional stress, Russell Crowe in an interview told about their fears regarding the safety of their own psyche: "To convincingly play such a role, it is necessary to be slightly abnormal. During filming, I sometimes felt that madness creeping closer to me. I felt sick to sleep, nightmares and ask yourself a question: how real everything that surrounds me? Frankly, it destabilized me, because usually I get a character only at the moment when I heard the command "Motor»! & Quot ;.

For this role, Russell was awarded the "Golden Globe" for best dramatic actor and was nominated for "Oscar", but the statue he did not get - this time with the film and leading actor at the American kinoakademikov was ambiguous: on the one hand This painting is a just the same style, so like always "Oscar" and the other - literally created for the prize role, which a few years ago would have taken "a great success", remained unrewarded. It was rumored that his second "Oscar" actor missed "due to" its not the most exemplary behavior.
Other works of the 2000s
The year 2002 has become a very fruitful for the actor, giving him the opportunity to fulfill the role in the documentary "74 annual awards ceremony" and "Best scene of martial arts films," as well as his own paintings, where he made more and director - the criminal action-thriller "60 extra hours in Italy" and western "Texas" (as the film is also produced).

In published in 2003 adventure film by Peter Weir's "Master and Commander" Russell Crowe played the role of an officer John Aubrey, the captain of the royal frigate, and two years later, on the screens out the picture of Ron Howard's "Cinderella Man," Russell Crowe in the title role - a boxer Jim Braddock, a real character 30s of the last century, the status of freshman won the fight the German champion. "Ron - one of the most greedy directors I've ever met. He forced me to work from morning to night "- told Crowe, who had to lose 50 pounds, doing the best trainers in preparation boxers. "This role was one of the most difficult from the physical point of view - every three or four more difficult than the role in" Gladiator. " Every day I have something to hurt - the shoulder, back, or head to the Achilles tendon. But I suffered because I loved his character. The more I read about him, the more admired this man ».

When before the fatal fight with heavyweight Max Baer reporters asked Jim Braddock, for which he is struggling, the father of three children Braddock said: "For milk." He really fought furiously known for his cruelty Baer since realized that fate had given him a single chance to break free from poverty and he did not miss this chance.


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