This short story is the best I've read lately!

"The egg" by Andy Weir is a short story, which are interwoven concepts of life, death and life after death. It is written so simply that sometimes I can't believe how in these ordinary words fit so much meaning and wisdom. The website says: the story can really shake your whole world and without a doubt make you think about who you are and how you treat your neighbor.

Take 5 minutes of your time. You will not regret it.

On the way home you suddenly died.

It was an accident, unremarkable, but nevertheless deadly. You have a wife and two children, but your death was painless.

The ambulance tried in vain to save you, but your body was so mutilated that it all came together even better, trust me.

And then you met me.

— What... what happened? — asked you. Where am I?

— You died — I said (something to embellish, it was a fact).

— There was a machine. She flew at me with terrible speed...

"Yes," I said.

— I... I died?

"Yes," I said. But don't worry, everything dies.

You looked around. Nothing was around. Just you and me.

— What is this place? — asked you. Is life after death?

Something like that, ' I replied.

— Are You A God?

"Yes," I replied. — I Am A God.

My wife and children...

What? — I asked.

— They'll be fine?

— This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. You just died, but worried about his family. It's wonderful.

You excitedly looked at me. For you, I didn't look like God. I looked like an ordinary man and maybe a woman. Just a powerful man, rather, the primary teacher, not an Omnipotent deity.

"Never mind," I replied. They will be fine. Your children will remember your wonderful father, they haven't disappointed in you. Your wife will be inconsolable cry, but deep inside she will feel relieved. To be fair, your marriage was bursting at the seams. If it's any consolation, she was very ashamed of this feeling of relief.

And what will happen next? I'm going to Hell or Heaven?

— Neither one nor the other, ' I replied. — You reincarnate.

— So the Hindus were right?

— All religions are right in their own way, ' I replied. — Come with me.

You followed me through the void.

— Where are we going? — asked you.

— Nowhere in particular. Just nicer to talk while walking.

— Then what's the point? — asked you. When I get reborn, I'm going as a white sheet? Baby. And all my experience and everything I've done in this life will not be to mean anything?

— No, — I replied. — You already have all the knowledge and experience of past lives, you just don't remember them now.

I stopped and put my hands on your shoulders:

Your soul is many times izumitelna, beautiful and huger than you can imagine. The human mind can hold only a very small fraction of information about who you are. It's like putting a finger in a glass of water to check it's hot or cold. You let in this world is only a small part of yourself, and get all her experience.

You were in the human body for the past 48 years and still do not feel the rest of your immense consciousness. If we linger here a little longer, you will start to remember everything. But it makes no sense to do it between lives.

— How many lives I have lived before?

Oh, a lot. A huge variety of different lives. This time you'll be a Chinese peasant girl in 540 a year.

— Wait, what? — surprised you. — You return me back in time?

— Well, I guess technically, Yes. Time, as you know, exists only in your universe. Where I come from, it's different.

Wait, so you, too, somewhere born?

"Of course," I said. And there are many more like me. You'll probably want to know how there, but honestly, you can't understand.

"Oh," you sighed a little disappointedly. But wait, if I was reborn into different places and times, because I could meet with myself once.

— Of course. And it happens all the time. But the fact that every time you are so absorbed in their own lives, did not even notice it.

— Then what's the point?

Really? — I asked. — Are you really asking me what's the meaning of life? Don't you think it a trivial question?

— No, that's a good question, ' said you.

I looked into your eyes:

— The meaning of life and the reason I created this universe, that you became wiser and developed.

You mean mankind? You want us to develop?

— No, just you. I created velenyu just for you. With each new life you grow up and your soul becomes more and wiser.

— Is this for me? But what about the rest?

— There are no others, ' I replied. — In this universe there's only me and you.

You stared at me:

But all these people on Earth...

— It's all you. Different your rebirth.

Wait, so I'm all?

— Well, now you're starting to understand, ' I said and patted you on the back.

— I — every person who ever lived?

— Yes, and everyone who ever will live.

And I'm Abraham Lincoln?

— Yes, and you're John Wilkes Booth, I said.

I'm like Hitler?

And the millions he killed.

— I'm Jesus?

— And all who followed him.

You fell silent.

— Every time you hurt someone, you hurt yourself. And every time you do good, you do it for yourself. Every moment of happiness or pain ever experienced people — experienced you.

You've been thinking.

Why? — asked you. — Why all this?

— Because one day I said, ' you will become like me. Because you're like me, you are my child.

— Wow, are you saying that I am God?

— No, not yet. You're still a fetus you're still growing. And only once you've lived every human life at all times, you will become large enough to be born.

— So, the entire universe, you said, is just...

— Egg — I replied. — And now you need to go further.

And I sent you on a journey.



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