One kid asked dad for 300 rubles. After learning that the child needs money, the father was dumb with astonishment

What we spend the time of your life? What does our cares and Affairs? Do we miss something important? The website offers to reflect on these important things by reading this great story.

One day a man came home late from work, as always tired and twitched, and saw that in the doorway waiting for his five year old son.

— Dad, can I ask you something?

— Of course, what happened?

— Dad, how much do you get?

— It's none of your business! — outraged father. And then, why would you?

I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you get per hour?

— Well, actually, 500. What?

— Dad — son looked up at him very serious eyes.

— Dad, can you lend me 300?

— You asked so I gave you money for some stupid toy? — cried he. — Immediately March to your room and go to bed!.. You can not be so selfish! I work all day very tired, and you're so foolish.

Baby quietly went to his room and closed the door behind him. But his father continued to stand at the door and be mad at the request of his son. "How dare he ask me about the salary, then to ask for money?" But after some time he calmed down and began to think: "Maybe he did something very important you need to buy. To hell with them, with three hundred, he's still generally never I did not ask for money."

When the father entered the nursery, his son was already in bed.

— Are you awake, son? he asked.

— No, dad. Just lie, ' replied the boy.

— I seem too harsh said to you, ' said my father. — I had a rough day and I just snapped. I'm sorry. Here, take the money you asked for.

The boy sat up and smiled.

— Oh, daddy, thank you! happily he exclaimed. He then crawled under the pillow and pulled out a few crumpled bills. His father, seeing that the child already has the money, again angry. A baby put all the money together, and carefully counted the bills, and then looked back at his father.

— Why do you want money if you already have them? — muttered the same.

Because I have had enough. But now I just enough — replied the child. — Dad, here exactly five hundred. Can I buy one hour of your time? Please come to work early tomorrow, I want you to have dinner with us.

Morality is no Morality. Just wanted to remind you that our life is too short to spend it entirely at work. We must not let it slip through my fingers without at least a tiny fraction of it to those who really love us, closest to our people. If tomorrow we will not, our company very quickly replace us with someone else. And only for family and friends it will be a really big loss, which they will remember all his life. Think about it, because we give work more time than family.



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