15 great films that would have liked to Sigmund Freud

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The concept of "Oedipus complex" was introduced by Sigmund Freud. The name of the phenomenon is based on the ancient Greek myth about king Oedipus who against their will and without knowing it, kills his father Laius and marries his mother Jocasta. Austrian psychiatrist used it to refer to conscious or unconscious sexual desire of the child to the parent of the opposite sex. For girls normally apply the definition of "Electra complex", which was introduced by Carl Gustav Jung. In modern psychoanalysis under the "Oedipal complex" generally implies a non-reciprocal erotic attraction of son to mother.

Sexual attraction of a boy to his mother accompanied by jealousy toward his father. Thus, the child wants to get away from my father, sensing in him a rival. This complex psychological phenomenon in varying degrees, appears in films of different genres.

The website publishes a selection of the most outstanding of them.

Psycho / psycho (1960) Revolutionary for its time, a psychological Thriller and a horror film by Alfred Hitchcock stands out not only a virtuoso directing and excellent acting, but a radical depiction of sex, violence and perversion. This black and white movie with unexpected twists to shock the audience. According to the magazine Entertainment Weekly's "Psycho" took the eleventh place in the list of "Best movies of all time".

Mommy / Mommy (2014) is Probably the most successful to date, the film Xavier Dolan. The main character Diane played by Anne Dorval, who appears in most works of this Director. She is the widowed mother who is struggling to cope with themselves and their rowdy teenage son named Steve (Antoine-Olivier Pilon). Diana takes the child from the orphanage, firmly intending to build a normal life.

The guy who occasionally becomes aggressive, his mother and their shy neighbor kyla form a strange trio. Each of the characters contributed to the image of melodramatic realism. The film"Mommy" won the Prize "Cesar" as the best foreign language film and received a jury Prize at the Cannes film festival 2014.

Only God forgives / Only God Forgives (2013) Arthouse Crime Thriller the French-Danish Director and screenwriter Nicolas winding Refn "Only God forgives" is a kind of sequel to his successful neo-Noir Thriller "Drive". The main role is again entrusted to Ryan Gosling. He played American Julian, who runs a Thai Boxing club in Bangkok. The club was a front for drug trafficking. Julian's older brother Billy rapes and kills a 16 year old prostitute. A Thai police Lieutenant Chang allows the girl's father to beat Billy, but he goes too far and destroys the assassin of his daughter. In Bangkok flies the brothers mother Crystal to avenge the death of his son.

One of several allusions to the Oedipus complex: Julian fled from America to Bangkok after he killed his father at the request of the mother. Any ways he tried to win the approval Crystal that was more like Billy.

The film is not rich in replicas, but it is made in a bold graphic style. Silence often breaks the sound of a knife piercing someone's throat.

Grifters / The Grifters (1990) Is a criminal-psychological drama directed by Stephen Frears and produced by Martin Scorsese, filmed on the novel by Jim Thompson. The story focuses on three scams: Lilly Dillon (Anjelica Huston), her son Roy (John Cusack) and his new girlfriend Myra Langtry (Annette Bening).

Lilly goes to Los Angeles to see his son, whom he had not seen for eight years. It with internal bleeding after a failed Scam admitted to the hospital. Here Lilly Roy meets the girl that caused her instant antipathy.

A triangle is formed, bonded by hatred and blackmail. To get Roy to partner yearns for, and Myra, and Lilly.

I'm glad my mother is alive / I'm Glad My Mother Is Alive (2009) the Main character in this French drama — Volume Juvet (Vincent rotge). He at an early age with his younger brother Patrick was given up for adoption, but was unable to bond with adoptive parents and at the age of 20 tracked Martino Julie (Sophie Cattani), and his biological mother that was too young for motherhood.

Finding the woman he has for so long been obsessed with, Tom experiences a mixture of feelings: curiosity, desire and resentment. Now she's divorced and has a third son, who is seven years old. The narrative of the film is measured, but the denouement is staggering and shocking.

I killed my mother I Killed My Mother (2009) Xavier Dolan wrote the script for his directorial debut when he was only 16 years old, and the film it was shot in 19 years. A major role is also played Sam Dolan. In this autobiographical drama examines the complex relationship between a mother and her maturing son.

The film begins with a monologue Hubert Minel', explaining how he loves his mother, but that feeling intertwined with a deep hatred.

The film attracted international press attention when it won three awards at the Cannes film festival in 2009. The Prime Minister caused a storm of applause.

Harold and Maude / Harold and Maude (1971) Black Comedy by American Director Hal Ashby on the young and rich Chase Harold (Bud Cort) who is obsessed with death. He attends strangers funerals, and puts intricate staging, acting out fake suicides in order to attract the attention of his mother (Vivian Pickles).

One day he meets 79 year old Maude (Ruth Gordon, winner of "Oscar", "Emmy" and two "Golden globes"), which also goes to another funeral, but for a different reason. She is not afraid of death. Her love of life contrasts with his morbid Outlook. Their relations are developing rapidly, the Mod gets closest to Harold's man, and he falls for her.

The movie "Harold and Maude" took the 9th place in the list of "10 best romantic comedies" according to AFI.

Hallam FAW / Hallam Foe (2007) Romance David Mackenzie on 17-year-old boy Hollema of Fou (Jamie bell), who most of the time spying on other people from your tree house, the wall of which is decorated with a huge picture of his beautiful dead mother. He is convinced that her death involved a stepmother (Claire Forlani), the hatred which is growing, but all of a sudden dissipated after they have sex. Now the confusion, fear and shame forced him to leave his father's house and move to Edinburgh.

In the city he meets a young woman composed a strong resemblance to the late mother of Chollima. He spies her through the window, watching her, finally they start a relationship. Uncertainty and antisocialist of Hollema soon disappear, life takes on a new direction. While the stepmother is unable to detect it with double mother.

New York stories (short story by woody Allen: "the Oedipus complex") / New York Stories (Woody Allen's Segment: Oedipus Wrecks), 1989 motion picture "new York stories" consists of three short films that are somehow connected with new York. The first "life Lessons" directed by Martin Scorsese, the second — "Life without Zoe" is Francis Ford Coppola, the script for the film was written by Coppola with his daughter Sofia. The third story — "the Oedipus complex" by Director, scriptwriter and actor woody Allen.

New York lawyer Sheldon (woody Allen) complains to his stubborn and overly critical mother. Her obsessive control extends to all areas of his life. The hero begins to dream about her disappearance.

They go to a performance of a magician, where the mother of Sheldon invited on stage to demonstrate a disappearing act and she really is lost. First, the hero is scared. But then realizes he can finally relax. Though soon his mother appears the most absurd and fantastic manner.

He turns to a psychic that could help him, and falls in love with her. But it is very similar to the mother of Sheldon.

The reader / The Reader (2008) "the Reader" is a powerful drama directed by Stephen daldry, filmed on the novel-the bestselling writer by Bernhard Schlink.

In the German town of Neustadt is a 15-year-old Michael on the way home from school suddenly becomes ill with scarlet fever and he comes to the aid of 36-year-old Hanna Schmitz, who with maternal care brings a guy home. Three months later, he visits her with flowers, to thank. Hanna seduces him and between flashes novel. Relationships are based on sex and reading books aloud. Michael reads, and listens to Khan. But one day she disappears without any explanation. Next, the film is transferred at a time when Michael is studying law. He meets her in unexpected circumstances and learns a stunning truth.

For the role of Hanna Schmitz Kate Winslet received the award "Oscar".

The story of the mother / The Mother (2003) a Brave film Roger mesella offers an in-depth look at British family drama, which can not be called ordinary. May lose the meaning of life when her husband dies during a family trip to London. She fears that turned into inconspicuous woman, whose life is over. But then there is Darren (Daniel Craig) — a muscular young lover daughter Mae.

They are comfortable together, they laugh at the same things and they are fastened sexual relationship. The heroine there is a reason to live again and improve your appearance.

Anne reed won the BAFTA award for that in this film she managed to perfectly portray the mother, grandmother and lover.

Spider / Spider (2002) Art-house Thriller by David Cronenberg based on the novel by Patrick McGrath. This is the story of Dennis this Clegg guy. He was treated for schizophrenia in a psychiatric hospital and arrives here by train to his hometown, stops at the rehabilitation center, which is located in the area where he spent his childhood. In memory of Dennis begins to emerge a web of memories, and with them a terrible mental injury that crippled his entire life.

The living and the dead / The Living and the Dead (2006) Simon rumley showed in this rapidly developing Thriller life miserable British family in a huge mansion.

Faced with the threat of ruin, Lord Donald Brocklebank forced for some time to leave his terminally ill wife, Nancy, and hires a nurse who needs to take care of her. Constant care in this house, also their son, a schizophrenic who suddenly decides that he can look after his mother. He does not let a nurse into the house. Not realizing the severity of the condition of the mother, the son in his own way is how you need to treat it. He's mad at her malaise and decides that she will recover soon if you drink more pills.

A dangerous method / A Dangerous Method (2011) biography drama David Cronenberg focuses on the turbulent relationship between the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Sabina Spielrein, which of patients with psychotic hysteria evolyutsioniruet in mistress doctor, then it becomes one of the first female psychoanalysts.

Jung cures Spielrein and discovers that her mental disorder was the result of violence. As a child, she was subjected to physical punishment from violent and abusive father, but otslaivanie evoked in Sabina sexual arousal.

On the basis of disagreements about the Oedipus complex, the friendship of Jung and Freud collapses.

Peeping Tom / Peeping Tom (1960) This British film, Michael Powell had a huge impact on the development of the genre of thrillers and horror movies. However, when you exit the screen it came under a barrage of criticism in the United Kingdom the film was banned, but eventually "Peeping Tom" has been praised for the psychological complexity, especially in the relationship between the protagonist, his father and the victims.

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