15 facts about the most unusual and stylish sculptures from around the world

Site remembered the most weird and wonderful sculptures from around the world ... 1. Mustangs at Las Colinas, Texas, SSHA

This is one of the largest sculptural group of horses in the world. Bronze statues of large real Mustang in 1, 5 times, although their value in the photographs may not seem so impressive due to nearby high-rise buildings. At the feet of the animals are special fountains that simulate the spray from the hooves.

2. Monument handbags, Italy

The sculpture was first introduced in Italy in the exhibition "Thoughts. Space. The dialogue between nature and imagination ».

3. The monument designer Krasnoyarsk, Rossiya

The monument is a working place of designer-printers: table, chair, computer, reading lamp and even a jacket - is not only the designer-printers.

4. knotted pistol, New York, SSHA

The sculpture was created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reytersvordom at the end of 1980 in memory of the murder of John Lennon.

5. The traveler Marseille, Frantsiya

This is a series of figures that adorn not only the streets of Marseilles, but also many well-known world exhibitions devoted to contemporary art.

6. Unknown official Reykjavik Islandiya

"Unknown official" in 1994 created the Icelandic painter and sculptor Magnus Thomasson. It is witty and expressive sculpture in Reykjavik, rich in small architectural forms. And yet most invisible.

7. Headington Shark, Oxford, Velikobritaniya

The meaning of the sculpture is much deeper than it may seem at first glance: it has been installed to the 41 th anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Shark depicts beautiful but potentially fatal rocket.

8. De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgiya

The monument was erected in 1985 on the streets of Brussels in the district Molenbik. The plot is reminiscent of a scene from the comics: from the manhole suddenly pops young joker and knocks down a police officer, peace officer clutching his leg. Author - Belgian sculptor Tom Frantzen.

9. Statue of Nelson Mandela, YUAR

Profile of Nelson Mandela made of 50 steel columns, plates - the number of years since the arrest of Mandela. His image can be seen only from a certain point, from other angles it is just a set of standing side by side columns.

10. The power of nature, Katar

So he called a series of sculptures by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, which depicts a woman holding the globe with a cloth. Sculptures installed in many cities around the world - England, USA, Monaco and Singapore.

11. Wedding Rings, Vancouver, Kanada

One of the most unique attractions of Vancouver. The rings are made of steel, aluminum and glass. They are located at an angle, and it seems as if about to lose his balance. In fact, "wedding rings" tight "sit" on its base, symbolizing the strength of marriage.

12. People on the river, Singapore

Chong Fah Cheong, the author of this song, a lot of famous sculptures of people who work and live on the banks of the Singapore River.

13. Monument to Franz Kafka in Prague, Chehiya

Author's idea of ​​the sculptor Jaroslav Rona is not known for certain. One version of the story goes back to Kafka's "The History of a struggle," the hero is jealous of random passengers and climbed to his shoulders, to see the world through someone else's eyes. Once in the "foreign skin", he got rid of jealousy to a stranger, because everyone has their own pain.

14. Bureaucratic Themis, Denmark

Sculpture by Danish artist Jens Galshiota a plump figure of the goddess of justice - a symbol of the rich industrial world - which is sitting on the back of a thin, emaciated Africans.

15. Monument Sigmund Freud, Prague, Chehiya

According to one of the most popular versions of the David Black as shown by the isolation of the intelligentsia of the common people. Master put in your creation a magical appeal that guests Prague will never forgive yourself if you do not look at the "suspended" Stone Freud.

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