6 simple scientific experiments, which should show each child

Editorial found a simple way to awaken a child's interest in physics: show him this super-simple but spectacular experience! 1. Refractory sharik

It takes two balls, candle and water. Inflate the first ball and the tray to the candle, thereby demonstrating how he burst due to the high temperature. Then pour in the second ball of water and bring to spark it. Bowl with water does not burst. The explanation is very simple - the water absorbs almost all incoming heat from the fire.

2. Dikobraz

It took water, plastic bag and several pencils. Pour in half a pack of water and isolate the air supply. After that pierces the bag pencil in places where it is filled with water and see that the fluid does not flow. This is due to the fact that due to the pressure of the molecule polyethylene shrink more tightly, in this case - to the surface of a pencil. If the package is first pierced and then pour water - it will flow.

3. "Color" kapusta

Take the four glasses of water, food dyes and the four white flower, four or cabbage leaf. Mix dyes with water, and then insert into the glasses leaves. Very soon we see how the plant will be painted in the color of dye due to the capillary effect.

4. Floating and floating yaytsa

We need two i * ca, two glasses of water and salt. In a glass pour plain water, and the second - with warm, and then fall asleep in her salt and stir. Wait until the water cools down, and then put one I * zu into each glass. The beaker with clean water, a * tso fall to the bottom due to the fact that its density is above the density of water. In a glass with brine * CO I must swim, since the density of water with salt - above.

If I * CO and floating in a glass of clean water, it is spoiled and throw.

5. Ignition spichki

Take and lights a match, and then puts it on the wall at a distance of 5 cm and starts to light up her flashlight. What do we see? Only the shadow of the hand and matches, but did not fire. It is evident that the fire transmits light, and does not hinder its passage. Simple, yet - curious.

6. Kristally

Crystal growing need water, sugar, transparent vessels, food dyes, pan sticks and construction paper. To start in a quarter cup cook the sugar syrup. After that, pour a few tablespoons of sugar to paper. Stick dipped in syrup, and then collect it from saharinki paper. Assembled sugar evenly distributed over the stick.

After all this leave the sugar sticks to dry overnight. The next morning was dissolved in 2 cups of water 5 cups sugar in hot water. We are waiting for 15 minutes, until the syrup has cooled down (but not up to the end!). Pour the syrup over the banks and mixed with dyes. The resulting substance is omitted billet rods so that they do not touch the walls and bottom of the vessel.

After some time, when the sugar in the syrup to cool its ability to dissolve weakened, and it will settle as sediment on the walls and on the cans stick. These treats can be safely is, if used food coloring.

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