Makeup on women. They are more...

It is difficult to imagine modern woman without a use of cosmetics. Glossy magazines, television, the Internet is firmly hammered into our head the idea that without a perfectly flat tone, painted eyes, penciled eyebrows and lipstick even from home, in principle, to get ashamed...

Millions of women get up in the morning, spend your precious time not for a full Breakfast or exercise, and to meet a certain unspoken dress code. Well... fashion passes and it seems that soon we will return to the absolute simplicity and naturalness.

Read this short essay on the topic of female beauty:

Makeup on women. All of them more. In the world. In Russia. In Moscow. In the regions.

This is not some kind of trend to stand out from the crowd coloured. It is a conscious choice.

Less make-up. Only the most necessary. Sometimes eyes. Sometimes the emphasis on the lips. Beauty in naturalness. Grooming. Not to hide something under a layer of makeup, but to show what really is. Openness, as the main message. "I exactly this for myself and I'd be exactly the same for you." No magic tricks and transformations.

Why would they, if there's something more than appearance?

So now I think a lot of women. It's not even a war, "the painted world" vs "world of makeup" is just one of the solutions. Option. Like jeans with sneakers or black dress. You can wear and never remove, and can choose something else. Unable to return to the old or to stay forever with this. Can change your mind. Freedom. From the word "unlimited".

But a strange story – the freedom of all angry. It literally hate. Because it destroys the main unspoken rule of the female world: we want to be deceived. Makeup will not make you Sherliz Theron, but he'll make you "look like". Somewhere inside of self-deception you will become more beautiful and similar to those made to be like here and now. Makeup is the claim that you flaunt. And this claim cannot be abandoned.

Painted woman is a priori more beautiful without any makeup. Axiom. Otherwise what's the point?

In Russia this is an especially difficult. The right of our women to aggressive makeup – it's almost instinct. You can always take makeup and become better than you are. Although in reality little will change and all around understand it and see, but we've agreed: "when makeup is always beautiful!" This game rules.

And then they get these, with their natural complexion, their natural eyebrows and lashes. Its nofashion. So it goes – they coats get. I will say that the coat is not Queen. The gold is already almost merged. And some 20 years ago a couple of gold rings and a chain – the key to attractive, confident women. She liked others and enjoyed myself.

Now what?

Now you can come to the team without the cover-up, no lipstick, no jewelry, no heels, not the dress with the screaming thingies, without styling, without sun, without gold, the frames are finally in a fur coat – and they'll call you beautiful modern woman. Appreciate your healthy skin tone, simplicity of style, a desire not to emphasize their femininity on the outer trappings.

Previously, these were called "simpleton". Ekaterina Pushkareva from "Not born beautiful". At the lower level in the female food chain. Now the boss comes to work in sneakers and a white t-shirt. No styling, no makeup. It is now called: "be fresh." Natural beauty. Look "at your age". Who cares? Who invented it?

This is a real shock. These changes in women's world are too unprepared. It's one thing when you spend your life trying to "save face", its naturalness, its natural expressiveness. And another thing, when you're whole life playing in the opposing team makeup, as the main argument of beauty. From teenage years to old age.

But all these changes are justified. This is not some kind of zadig for a couple of years, not a conspiracy against the traditional world of women is all the stupid progress. Again, this does not negate the "necrosanct" just now there is another option. Anyone, those who more and more choose less aggressive makeover or completely refuses to decoration.

But why?

Then came two of the wedge.First: women are starting to care that they're women. Gender the role that makeup, fur coats, gold – compulsory social attributes. It doesn't matter anymore. Someone sees a plain woman, dressed in a white shirt of her boyfriend – mess, devoid of any femininity? Okay. The important thing is that she sees in herself. Someone considers it to be pale toadstool, which is a mini wears the pants? Yes, please. She's just so comfortable. Comfortable with myself.

The internal settings are different now and are also not required firmware, and optional: want to install, want not.

"I'm a woman, not because someone determines me so, but because I see myself like this. And I'm out of labels and conventions. I'm a person. Personality. I'm on my way. Even if someone is freaking out".

Second wedge: progress. Science. Healthy eating, organic cream and proven active chemical components-designed physical activity – all this gives women the chance to naturally. Look good, feel good, be active and healthy for years to come – this is the twenty-first century. It is now possible. And progress is not in place. Everything is plastic and constantly changing. A new old and flaking off. The woman and her beauty, health in the midst of progress.


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In the end, a simple understanding that there is no place for obligation and labels. The border of the notorious "being a woman" is now permanently blurred. Makeup, makeup – this is the only link to global change.

It just happens. It doesn't need to resist. On the contrary, more inspiration. More freedom and unboundedness.published


© Nikita Podgornov




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