17 badass things you will want to have at any cost!

"Site" tries to keep up with the times and tells beloved readers about their discoveries. We learned about the most popular gadgets and devices this year, and our editors will share with you a unique collection of inventions. I hope you will learn something new.

Interesting inventions
  1. Electronic measuring spoon — the dream of all Housewives-perfectionistic!

  2. How nice when hands are not touching the peel! Be sure to replenish your kitchen Arsenal this knife for cleaning of vegetables.

  3. Unusual mixer with backlight to show the water temperature using colors. Red for hot water and blue for cold.

  4. The dream of all office employees — a tie on which to take a NAP.

  5. This carabiner makes it easy to carry multiple bags at the same time.

  6. Yes this is a 2 in 1 gadget! In anticipation of the holidays will definitely buy these scissors.

  7. This gadget will help new parents to constantly monitor the temperature of the baby.

  8. Now you can safely drink tea with biscuits directly over the keyboard!

  9. The this stand the book I have not seen!

  10. It's worth to buy such an extension cable on the crane that the kid could take care of their own hygiene.

  11. Board for slicing tray will help to save time when cooking.

  12. Teapot with high stand will be useful for those who constantly manages to spill hot tea.

  13. With this handheld showerhead is now a bulky watering can!

  14. A revolutionary invention — silicone foldable bucket!

  15. To save some space in the kitchen, a silicone colander.

  16. Unusual device for storing spices. It's so convenient!

  17. Now the wires from various gadgets will not knot.

We are just delighted with all these inventions! And what gadget did you like? Share with us in comments.

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