Super trick get rid of the pain in the neck and the back of the head for 10 seconds!

The muscles of the neck, back of the head and shoulders can hurt at the end of the day. From a long stay in one position, the neck is really suffering! If you sit at the computer more than 3 hours a day, or often viewing the news in your phone, you probably know how unbearable can ache the neck.

Also neck pain can arise from inflammation or hypothermia. You will be surprised to treat inflammation neck at home is possible with a conventional towel. It only takes 10 seconds, but works perfectly.

How to treat neck at home usloviyah me pain in the neck are usual because the computer has to spend a lot of time. Sometimes the pain helps to cope self-massage or special exercises. But very often, these manipulations do not bring the desired relief, you have time to stand under a hot shower, to somehow help the muscles.

How to treat neck pain with a regular towel, you know, watching this little video. I tried out immediately trick and helped! Only need to put twisted in a tight roller towel under the problem area...

That is the effect! Happy smile girls, which is no longer in pain, wins.

Of course, if you keep yourself in good physical shape and strengthen the body exercising, pain in the neck and other muscles will not be bothered so often, even if you spend all day buried in the screen.

Please share this useful video about the treatment of neck pain with your friends! I'm sure they will be happy.

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