If you came up with the idea — it is not a coincidence!

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, speaking of the "world of things" and "world of ideas", believed that everything starts with ideas.

Brian Tracy, a leading expert in the field of personal and professional growth, very accurately calls the idea of "keys to the future".

Deemed average ordinary person during the day is visited by hundreds of ideas. Every one of us have brilliant ideas, but not everyone trusts them, so just lose a giant opportunity.

Remember: before bed you get an interesting idea. You say to yourself, falling asleep: "as soon as you Wake up, immediately implement". But in the morning you realize that all is forgotten and the idea lost forever. Familiar? It always happens when we underestimate the powerful force of ideas.

Ideas everywhere. They always come to us from outside, from the Universe, from the information field, or of what Carl Jung at the time, called "collective unconscious". Our subconscious mind, like the magical Genie is working tirelessly 24 hours a day for the benefit of his master.

Scientists have found that ideas visit us for about 37 seconds. If we idea not recorded not recorded not told anyone about it, she swims away from us to another person.

Don't make the mistake of ignoring the idea, immediately record these precious gifts of the Universe. Remember that they are not yours, as they come, and so you can go. Don't rely on memory – you only have 37 seconds on the recording ... After all, you already know that everything starts with an idea!

Your idea can be compared to, both from acorn grows the oak. Imagine an acorn, and answer the question: where is oak? Many will say oak is in the acorn. But if acorn cut oak, you will not find. The oak tree is in the space environment in the Universe. The acorn only his idea. Only once in the appropriate environment, its vibration will attract the energy necessary for growth. And then from small ideas to grow big and strong tree.

Know this: if you came up with the idea, it is not by accident! This fact means that the Law of attraction you have the ability to implement it!


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How many times have you any idea ideas, but you did nothing, and then learned that they were implemented by someone else? The only difference is that you ignored her, but someone else took it and implemented in practice. And raised oak.

How to use ideas? Capture and immediately implement them into reality, otherwise the universe will say, "Next!".published



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