Oh, these women)))

Occasionally my female employees work bored and they start with something to boast. I go once in a single room to thrust a cup of tea. They sit five tetek an accountant (typical symptoms: 120 kg or more feminine charm, a lot of rings on his fingers, resembling sausages, very poor maneuverability and a great desire to chew the fat, in general, will give to drink tea 100%). We talked, and then aunt asked me:

 - Wan, and I have a computer powerful?
 - Powerful, powerful. Recently also changed.
 - And what exactly?
 The focus can not remember the settings, go up to a computer.
 - Here: 2, 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive ...
 - What is it?
 I began to explain that the processor, he sort of thinks of RAM - for fast memory and hard drive - even the memory.
 Aunt sitting with an expression of profound understanding on his face. It takes a minute, and all vying need to say what options at their computers. Nothing to do, go over to the computer, look, I say. The parameters are slightly different. Sypyatsya more questions like "it is better when the CPU cycles or a large hard drive?", "But you can still add a little bit processor?" And other crap. I pour another cup of tea and continued to teach the people. They ask what else there is inside there. It turns out that all have network cards with the same (speed), vydeokarty (also approximately the same), disk drives (generally no difference) ... ... I forgot something. A! He remembered, there is the power supply!

 - Here, there is the power supply, it is necessary to provide electrical energy to all components.
 Silence about five seconds. Question:
 - And these blocks are also all the same?
 I, without thinking, I answer:
 - No, maybe ... Let's see. Here you have, and you have blocks of 250 watts, you have - 300, and you - only 200.
 The most "disadvantaged" employee, one in which 200 asks softly:
 - And what is "Watts»?
 - Watts - a unit of power.

At the very "rich" employee shining eyes and she triumphantly yells:
 - Here !!! I told you that my computer is the most powerful!
 And the most "poor" so softly, almost in tears:
 - Wan, and I have because of this solitaire game does not start? ..

Continued. A week later, somewhere on my desk lies ordered the headmistress to "add computer capacity the employee-so" and the memo from this employee, which signs all of her poor life, and that power in her computer a total of 200 watts, and the remaining one and a half times more.

I decided not to go to the boss and explain that from the power supply there is little independent. Still bad job. Tear off the label from his unit (400 W for Pentium IV), pinned on her dvuhsotvattny unit by covering the previous one, open the case, cleaned the dust, and said an enthusiastic employee that now it is not only the most powerful power unit in our organization - see four watt! - But the Pentium four, and it's very, very cool.

She then went over the three weeks of glory.
 P.S. A solitaire she has not started.


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