Ice cream without the "E"

We went for a revision of the new production hall of our old friends the ice-cream, Iskak Moscow. Project founder Alexei Korolev and his team moved on Klyazma reservoir and is located on the territory of the yacht club.

The production itself has doubled, and Alexei Korolev gladly showed us how looks the process of creating natural ice-cream.

In the foreground is the automatic packing line with capacity of 300 kg/hour. But until it is put into operation, and packaging of ice cream made in semi-automatic mode. But let's take first things first.

It all starts with the procurement of basic ingredients. Iskak make your ice cream of high quality farm milk, which is used primarily in a professional environment (coffee shops, gelaterias and the like).

As the emulsifier used a real egg yolk.

Another important ingredient — fresh frozen cream fat content 40%. Freezing eliminates the need for additives with index "E": emulsifiers, antioxidants and stabilizers and to keep all useful properties of fresh cream. Sometimes to speed up the defrosting cream used baseball bat.

There is also a parallel mixtures, forming a special flavor each of the varieties of ice cream. The hallmark of ayskeyk is considered the taste of "Salted caramel".

In new 300-liter boiler, purchased especially for the preparation of caramel, sent 20 kilos of sugar, butter, cream and salt.

The caramel is almost ready

Here is the cleaned fresh Vietnamese fruits mango, which is used for the new varieties of ice cream "Mango-pear".

Before the mixture cools and becomes ice cream, it must be heated.

Ready-made caramel mixed with the basic ingredients, then this mixture is infused. Each varieties of ice cream, Iscac — individual process of each recipe tastes unique, unlike industrial ice cream, where all varieties of one common database, and taste provide a ready Supplement.

After the mixture has rested, pour it in a freezer.

In the freezer and the process of transformation of the mixture into prepared ice cream.

Production of ice cream out of the freezer.

Ice cream is poured into the filling machine, which semi-automatically distributes its branded cardboard cups.

On the cups with ice cream labeled in a special workshop, which is located on the second floor of the building under the transparent roof.

Before heading to the shops, cups of ice cream stored in the freezer. Please note how clean everywhere. Production in Alexei Korolev, strict rules of hygiene. The cleanliness in watching three people.

In such forms the shape of ice-cream hits the market MEGA Farm LavkaLavka in MEGA Khimki.

Long work in a freezer requires special training. This customized boots, specially designed by the engineers of Iskak Moscow to work in extreme conditions.

Alexey Korolev tasting a sample from a new batch. Try it and you! published


Text and photo: Ivan Erofeev


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