How is the success

The biggest pitfall on the path to success in any challenging or competitive business — that success is arranged in time absolutely not the case, as it is most people.

Real success is almost never linear, and is more reminiscent of the Exhibitor (see picture).

At the beginning you are thrown the effort as if in a bottomless hole: nothing is glued, you're treading water and feel like a complete idiot.

Then, gradually, something starts the ball rolling...

And if you continue long enough, sooner or later the skill reaches a critical mass, and is a quantum leap.

It is somewhat reminiscent of viewing three-dimensional images or learning to ride a bike — the main result is instantly and stays forever.


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Most people always seems too early: they simply do not invest the amount of labour attempts, "sweat and blood", which could provide them the desired level of success.

But the main success factor in the majority of cases — not some supertalent and banal habit to organized labor. published


Author: Andrey Yudin




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