Same thing with my husband only for the money

One woman was separated from her husband. Husband was OK, didn't fight, but there were a number of nuances.

First, this slacker worked full-time, i.e. it was never at hand when it is something urgently needed. It, frankly, never was at hand in the light of day — he appeared after sunset as a vampire. All proceedings were done in a weekend, and often does not, because it is necessary for the person when to rest.

If something broke, it was a show for a few weeks. I particularly remember buying faucet for the bathroom. First, this moron claimed that old is not bad, if you don't include water. Then two weekends in a row it was raining. When the sky cleared up, the whole Saturday is gone on the tire and escape from the tire, and on Sunday it was too late to start this tomorrow to work. Six weeks later, the husband went to the market one, saying that he knows better and bought a perfect not something. The woman cried and resigned.

The same story was in the country. In the spring the owner had discovered that the gate had fallen slightly. All season they opened across the street, leaning four. When ripe currants, about the gate, it was generally agreed, had to decide on the date. The date was determined to frost, had to be postponed for another year. Many of you will have time over the weekend. Until you arrive — I've got to go. The woman on the way back a little weep and be resigned.

Especially the woman was upset that this despot had all the time to beg and plead and flatter and cringe. If he was reluctant to take up the case, almost always had to find a way to somehow attract. In the case of the seizure of the thrift, the main task was the seizure not to frighten and give this avant-garde artist to Express themselves through. Then there was at least some chance that the chandelier still is screwed into the light bulb, and the other half, so there is no place for whims. To cry and to accept.

All contacts with the outside world the woman had to endure one, because the external world was working strictly along with my husband. She was freelance, i.e., plowed all day, where I was, not getting out of Skype literally a minute, so it was considered that it is always free and it God himself commanded the middle of the day to go get some help or, for example, for nuts. The woman went for help and nuts, in nuts were confused, frightened instances, cried a little and was at peace until the next time.

When this man was not busy that didn't go over the nuts, he was dozing in the chair, after which he moved to the bed and was dozing already there. Woman looking at this case, is more often thought that how much can you bully a man, implying that man himself, not what was snoring nearby, in the dream, flailing legs. Divorce see, thought the woman, I will consciously spend time with energetic and active people! And not this here.

In the end, thought the woman, for complex household tasks, there are friends and fans. Every man happy once voluntarily to rescue the Princess out of trouble and show their prowess. And even complicated tasks can be solved by money — quickly, competently and without persuasion. Thank God, living in the forest, thought the woman, glancing at the snoring husband, yet unaware of their fate.

When the husband was eliminated, the woman cheered. She literally added strength. The first few weeks she was fond of washing floors and unfolding the pillows on the couch, so that was nice as in the store. Then she felt that she was ripe for his personal life, and went to drink coffee with her admirer from the Internet. A fan wrote that his life is unbearable pointless, but at heart he was an adventurer and a pirate. Yes, Yes, thought the woman. Here it is, near the shower! Finally, no chairs! And she went on a date, anticipating how hearts will beat in unison. Maybe they're even right out of the café going to the airport and fly away for the weekend, for example, in Brazil! As do all the pirates!

Careful, don't break a leg, said fan, opening the door to his hallway. Once to fix the light, all week at work, come and fall. And weekend sleep, it must be the same person when to rest. The chair he had, so he fell asleep on the kitchen table.

The woman cried a little on the bed under the blanket and got to thinking about what in the country have not casino. With fans she contact was not at the cottage to sleep. Invited old friend. Mate mowed palazon, including two flowerbeds with tulips, and said that he was tired. Had to feed, water, long to praise and talk about his wife, before he crooked and askew finished the job. Ask questions like "what are those pieces sticking out" and "where the extension" was uncomfortable. The man did me a favor, time spent. Cried, of course, but what else to do.

Screw this, thought the woman standing in the middle of the day in the queue for the packet (in this sense, with the loss of her husband, nothing has changed), I do not need these favors, do anyhow, but you know thank. No more friendly service! Only professionals, only for the money! Quickly and effectively! At the first event not to moan on Facebook and to call the appropriate service!

Two days later, the occasion presented itself — she burst battery.

Today I can not, said plumber, cutting off the tap, a lot of work. All day literally. Maybe on the weekends. Woman long blinked, telling how she was hurt and scared. Praised his skill. Went to the store for some nuts. Plumber kochevryazhilis that the day ends later to be discussed. The woman was granted by — asked about his wife, praised santehnikai curls hinted at the loneliness. Hypnotized him so that this handsome man he went to the market, brought a new battery and till evening they put her on her seat, incessantly repeating how tired he was and how everything went.

When he sailed away, carrying in the pocket of her three-day earnings, the woman long soap all around, and then cried a little, because the guy bought committed not screwed at an angle of ten degrees to the horizon and broke the skirting Board, which anywhere do not buy it.

Strange, thought the woman, all exactly the same thing with my husband only for money. published


Author: Malka Laurence


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