Like a lion with a Dachshund became inseparable friends

Leo-disabled attached to a miniature Dachshund and her fellow enough with them to not only embrace, but also to share their food.

Despite the difference in size, 227-pound lion and eight-year-old Dachshund Milo from the zoo, located in the town of Winnwood, Oklahoma, became best friends.

A lion named Bonedigger was born with a metabolic bone disease that left him disabled. This circumstance helped to form unusual connections predatory animal with the zoo Keeper John Renk, who lost both legs in the accident, which occurred during a jump with Banga.

When Milo and two other five dogs named Bullet and angel, sensed that the lion has health problems, they began to protect him and to support. Over the past five years, Bonedigger and his pack of dogs cuddle, eat raw meat and play together.

Renk, who works at the zoo witnessed the process of the formation of such an unexpected relationship between animals.

"This friendship between a 5-pound Dachshund and 227-pound lion is the only of its kind. Milo is doing everything possible to copy Bonedigger when he tries to communicate with other lions in the Park," — said the caretaker of the Mail Online.

After the accident, in which a man broke both his legs, John has spent a lot of time with animals. After five years of painstaking rehabilitation, he learned again to use his legs and began to rebuild their lives. John and his wife Kristi started the second son of Peyton, but in the next few years the affected feet of the man struck by a serious infection, and eventually they decided to amputate.

However, this could not break John and he continues to do what you love — care for animals. published Also interesting: a Farm for rescued animals in Chile In the Netherlands, the eagles prey on drones P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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