To Express your Femininity you need to have courage

Allow yourself to be bright, delicate and fluid can only be a very brave woman.

Because such a woman will be immediately brought to the attention of not only men, but also the surrounding women, who are not always friendly to the emerging competitors in the struggle for male attention.

And because the manifestation of himself in front of others, a woman of courage and great courage.

The nature of women (and men too) are arranged so that fully Express itself, it can only when he feels himself protected.

If there is no security, the luxury of true Womanhood to the world she will not reveal.

Who is responsible in women for her safety? Who gives her a sense of protection when she is really feminine?

The protection and security she gives her personal protector and bodyguard of her Inner Male, the animus. It is this unconscious part of her that gives her freedom from the opinions of others and ensures self-confidence, spontaneity and lightness.

When the woman strong Inner Man, Inner Woman — Anima can relax and trust the space in which is located. And begin to not see aggression in relation to itself and the interest of onlookers who have not yet reached such a level of security to be able to reveal your true potential.

Every woman is looking for a strong male shoulder upon which she can safely walk through life, but find that shoulder she will not in the external man, and in sacred Union with the Inner.

I have always been concerned with the question why after so much training and reading as many books, the majority of the fair half of mankind are alarming creatures with takamalirawo Femininity?

The answer to this question had to spend 23 years! Why so long?

Because the animus is a part of the Unconscious. That is what people are not aware of. The woman is not aware, does not understand, do not distinguish the motives of his male behaviors. And to get close to her Unconscious need to remove, like onion peels, the layers of tribal programs, childhood injuries and physical clamps.

And then, as Jung said: "On the path of individuation (self-development) meeting with the Animus and Anima is inevitable."

When a woman first meets her Animus, the Inner Man, she shies away from him in horror, to what extent she is weak, petty and insignificant.

It turns out all her life she was suppressed and did not act from it, and from his disturbing and controlling Anima.

The inner Man is being protector of Anima became useless to the homeless, downtrodden and trapped in the corners of the inner Universe.

And while it does not rehabilitate, yet he will not give a worthy place in the minds of women, the outside world will always be full of threats and circumstances, from where she will turn away love and great relationship.


How to rehabilitate the Inner Man?

It consists of 4 archetypes:

— Loving.


When these archetypes are not suppressed and are healthy, then their owner feels the security and safely is cooperation with others around.

But a weak Inner Man amazed by the Shadows and tied prohibitions.

Listed below are the shadow of each archetype in the Inner Man:

— The monarch can suffer from the Tyrant and the Innocent
The warrior closed a Sadist and a masochist
— MAG can be a Manipulator or a Visionary
— A loving force to become a Seducer or Insensitive.


To make the Inner Man strong defender of women, you need to heal him of the Shadow. To heal the Unconscious level of the Mind never will. So reading books and this article will not help. The unconscious can be explored only by the methods of physical therapy.

The body must feel that it is hidden from the Mind. Then he will be able to enter emotional blockages and clamps and there is a welcome lightness and freedom.

That's what gives a healthy, liberated and strong Inner Man to his mistress:

The monarch gives a person the ability to heat and maintain, guide, and inspire.
MAG includes analytical skills and ability to synthesize into a single whole different knowledge to provide real security and a breakthrough to a new level.
Warrior gives you the ability to defend their own personal boundaries, interests and master new areas, the ability to take up the challenge and bring the case to result.
Loving allows you to be in the Flow, connect, organize intimacy, to experience pleasure.


Agree, the woman is exhibiting these abilities are living full, abundant, successful life. It attracts, even without making any effort. And, of course, want to be with her.

Dear ladies, release your Defender and You gain the security within yourself, allow yourself to be bright and bold, to Express themselves naturally and in harmony with the ever-changing external circumstances.


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Finally I want to say again that Femininity, like a flower can bloom when there is a strong and caring Gardener. There is a myth that it needs to come from the outside world and take care of a woman. The truth is that it is always within You, and only when You allow your Inner Man to become strong, the outside will come the one You've been dreaming of all my life! published


©Mark Ifraimov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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