How to stop being mediocre right now

Many people think that mediocrity is innate property. Either you were born "great", either you are born mediocre. Worse, if you mediocrity, the better you will never become. That's how it works, and nothing to do with it. What can you say about people who think so? They mediocrity.

Think about it...

Next time, when you go to the office and your inner voice will tell you: "you know I was going in the first 15 minutes to make my own hours and not stuck in Facebook", listen to him and do as he says.

When you come to the first day of the workshop, and inner voice will tell you: "And I'm going to listen carefully to what I say," make an effort and listen to what others say before you give your opinion.


When you will start work on today's big project, and an inner voice will tell you: "But I promised myself not to be distracted by trivia while you work", forget all extraneous matters and get to work.


When you leave work and think about what to eat for dinner, and an inner voice will tell you: "I want McDonalds, but we decided it was time to start eating healthy", go to the grocery store and buy a chicken and some vegetables.


When you eat, and your inner voice telling you: "do Not work on the startup idea that came to my head", set aside a glass of wine, set aside for later viewing of the latest episode of your favorite series and get to work.


When you are going to go to bed, and the inner voice will tell you: "I wanted to play sports, but couldn't make it today to get to rocking", even if you are very tired, do the four approaches pushups right in the middle of the room.


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When you go to shower before bed, and an inner voice will tell you: "I wanted to RUB my ears, I never RUB behind the ears", listen to it and RUB myself already everything and everywhere.


And when you are finally in bed, and you will remember the dayyou realize that "greatness" is not a purpose. It's not a title. It's not top of to which you aspire and which one day will conquer.

Greatness is a set of daily habits. It is a choice.published





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