10 strong movies that make you think

Movie after which you need to keep thinking and let new thoughts into your life.

There are movies that grab you by the throat, penetrate into your head, where you'll be spending a couple of hours, and when I release, it turns out that there, inside, something changed. You need to keep thinking and let new thoughts into your life.

Malena / Malèna, 2000

A poignant story about what it means to be a beautiful woman among the envious and lustful people. Italy during the Second world war, the gorgeous Monica Bellucci and the music of Ennio Morricone.


Hachiko / Hachi: A Dog's Tale, 2008

In a person not suffering from sociopathy, tears start to dimmed on the eyes at the very mention of the name of the dog who waits for dead master, repeating day after day the same ritual. American film is a remake of the Japanese film made in 1987 — "the Story of Hachiko".


The Mist / The Mist 2007

Director Frank Darabont loves to make movies based on the works of Stephen king. The most famous — "the Shawshank redemption". "Darkness" continues this tradition and stuns the audience with his finale. But it all begins just with fog that covers the small town of fog rod monster. And, of course, it's not just a horror movie is to scare, to drive the adrenaline in the blood. This is a story about people who experience a nightmare, and their actions.


The umbrellas of Cherbourg / Les parapluies de Cherbourg

Have you noticed that no great movie is not complete without the brilliant music? Songs from this film have already become classics, and the story of unrequited love still sounds fresh.


Grave of the fireflies / Hotaru no haka, 1988

Around the war, Japanese ground shaking from the bombing, and two children who remained without parents, trying to survive, hiding in the abandoned asylum. 14-year-old boy has become an adult, to save himself and his little sister.


The Awakening / Awakenings, 1990

Based on the real practice of Dr. Oliver sacks, the film is the story of victims of a rare disease, which had held obezbijede condition for several years, and at some point "Wake up" through treatment. With them, discovered the simple pleasures of life, new eyes for the world is watching and the doctor.


Me, Earl and the dying girl / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2015

You have to be a very strong man to venture on friendship and affection to the dying. Greg tries to cheer up a cancer patient Rachel, showing her home movies, shot with his friend.


What dreams may come / What Dreams May Come, 1998

Visually impeccable film tells the story of eternal love that knows no bounds and which is not afraid of any obstacles. Robin Williams, before playing mostly comedic roles, he came to drama and appeared in her.


The thirteenth floor / The Thirteenth Floor, 1999

This movie was released in 1999, just before "the Matrix" has passed imperceptibly. It is not as striking special effects, but much deeper into the problems of reality and virtuality, a more skillfully leads the thread of the plot. After viewing it is impossible to immediately switch to something else. I want to sit and think.


Andrei Rublev, 1966

The great painter, singing of light and goodness, was born in the times when relationships between people made the Land more like a branch of Hell: Russia of the XV century in the princely feuds, raids of nomads, famine and disease. To among this just to find a love person, you need to undergo a serious path of personal development. published


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