The triumph of mediocrity, or why beauty was annoying?

Be nice now dangerous, because you can at any time be accused of is that you inspire someone a feeling of inferiority.

Recently, outrage Internet users has caused advertising baby carriages. Photographs young mother and model Imre Stiekema runs for a stroller in which sat her two year old daughter. The manufacturer therefore has introduced a new model of the running carriage for mothers who wish to continue to play sports even while walking with children. And then it began. The firm got a free PR. Carriages went because it costs too much. Models got for being a model and she looks good. She has long legs, flat stomach, buttocks tightened and no cellulite - it's just not possible, for it can only condemn. And here it is worth considering: when did beauty become annoying


It would seem, should come the universal happiness. Beauty standards are canceled. We are all different, all beautiful and happy. We finally come to love ourselves as we are. But paradise for some reason that did not happen. From the depths of the internet has crept mediocrity and offended. It offends the beauty.

Mediocrity offends photo Imre young mother because she compares herself to model and understand that it will never be so. Mediocrity considers offensive advertising swimwear Victoria's Secret photo shoot and arranges funny "what happens when an ordinary woman will try on the same swimsuit." To answer this question, one must first define what we think is beautiful.

Over the past few years, understanding of beauty has changed dramatically. Beauty today - it's diversity and individuality. Height, weight, eye color, hair and skin, gender, clothing size does not define beauty more. Everyone is beautiful, even so - individually beautiful. We are experiencing an amazing moment when the right to beauty is not denied to anyone. Very adult women demonstrate that you can be beautiful and stylish at any age. Neither the lack of leg or arm or cerebral palsy, age, or weight today is not an obstacle to name a handsome man.

Mediocrity hates the beauty in all its manifestations. I hate beautiful things, because they are not available to her. He hates models for their ideal figure. Hates models plus-size, because they get attention, enthusiasm and compliments, and mediocrity - not. Mediocrity hates those who are able to overcome themselves, circumstances, diagnosis and achieve something, because mediocrity seems to be all right, nothing prevents to become successful, but success does not come. Mediocrity is shaking with rage when he hears that you need to be yourself. If mediocrity is itself, it will be no, because it has no individuality. She does not even have a cute little lack, which would become its highlight.

René Magritte: "Bowler - the after market cap, is not surprising. The man in the bowler hat - it is Mr Mediocrity for all its anonymity. I also wear a bowler, I have no particular desire to stand out from the masses "

Mediocrity is trying to win the right to be mediocre and be proud of it. Only it's the right one she does not take away. In this struggle with mediocrity beauty in any way lose. Because I do not have to fight with the beauty, it is necessary to love, and to see sozdavat.Posredstvennost decided to get their share of attention in another way. She will blame the fashion and beauty industries in that they impose on her made-up standards of beauty, from which she suffers, he loses faith in himself and feels humiliated and insulted. Mediocrity wants to replace all beautiful on the ordinary and average statistical, because it is in her a sense of peace and satisfaction, and the beauty and singularity - frustration and anger. Mediocrity is afraid of beauty and reacts to it aggressively. Mediocrity is trying to devalue the beauty of the words and write on the forums "feed the models", "why all these terrible" and "in the photo some crocodiles." Mediocrity does not tolerate extremes, and those of her too much different: stronger, weaker, younger, older, more talented, more happy or unhappy, more beautiful or ugly in its understanding. The ideal world for mediocrity - is the world of the same "normal" beings who have nothing from each other do not differ. And this terrible world of outstanding mediocrity begins to slowly created.

Author: Arina Alimov


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