The "magic" dress modern Princess: "fabulous" fashion show of Franck Sorbier


More and more designers show unprecedented eco-mindedness, encouraging women to buy fewer clothes, but to be more creative in its use. And though many consumers and colleagues perceive this initiative with considerable skepticism (allegedly the idea from a number of "horse vs oats"), any steps aimed at conserving resources and reducing waste, are welcome. French designer Franck Sorbier (Franck Sorbier) is not left behind "fashionable" movement and presented gorgeous dress "14 in 1". No, not "ladies..." and other manipulation of the fabric. It's all about technique. And a little tale.



Sorbier loves to experiment with style and features feminine dresses, what readers already seen earlier. Collection autumn-winter 2012-13 French couturier without Nudes. It the main highlight of steel technology and one of the lush white dress with the same equipment turned in 14 different fabulous outfits.


The show in Paris Sorbier turned into a real show. His heroes are two models: the "Princess" in a white dress and a "witch" in black. Latest gentle pressure on the keys laptop run fantastic slide show that was projected straight onto the clothing of the opponent, transforming it beyond recognition.


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