Residential house Residence BB is fighting for a place in Tokyo

BB Residence is a unique residential building with an asymmetric and minimalist architecture designed to efficiently and elegantly solve the problem of a small plot is the characteristic feature of the Tokyo streets.

The house, built recently in Tokyo (Japan), is the result of creative approach of specialists from the Japanese architectural Studio Yo Yamagata Architects. An intriguing example of modern Japanese design, the building is of irregular shape matches the complex requirements of the site, located in the Central area of Tokyo.

The architecture of the residence shall take into account the need of the privacy of its inhabitants: massive walls protect the house from the side facing the street, while small Windows overlook an inner garden.

Diagonal movement in space characterizes laconic interior, which seemed to be, clad in the line of the spiral flow from the basement to the third level. Overall interior design is defined by simple decor and a monochromatic color palette, typical to minimalist Japanese architecture. The roof terrace compensates for the lack of outdoor space near the house and offers an interesting place for contemplation and relaxation.

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