Diet of a ballerina

Ballerina graceful and slender, graceful and inimitable as they could be? Recommend a special diet of ballerinas. Diet of a ballerina can serve as the basic principle of power, and through immediate weight loss to date, or prevention after the feast.

There are no recommended products or limitations in the types of food, however, are the principles of receiving the usual food: 1 usual portion of food should be divided in half every day eat soup without bread, condiments and snacks. Clean soup. Not to combine in one meal fish and meat, because it is a heterogeneous protein to consume dairy products with very little fat. Ie, when you select milk and dairy products to prefer normalizerbase dairy product and possible, and such milk diluted with ice or water, to remove from power the mayonnaise.

Or cook it yourself without the yolks and salt and add to the prepared sauce 1/3 fat-free yogurt, not to use salt, try to replace it with soy sauce, seasoning finished dish to drink water at least 30 minutes before eating and not earlier than 1 hour after, drink half to two liters of still mineral water per day (two liters in summer, in other seasons — a liter and a half).

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