Diet gooseberry

As you know, gooseberries are not only very useful but also low calorie, so they can be successfully used in various weight loss diets. In 100 grams of the berries contains an average of only about 45 calories.

So today, even developed a special diet for the gooseberry, which lasts a week. It is based on gooseberries, but it does not mean that other products are bound by strict taboo. Some measures to limit the diet to take, but they are directed not to starve yourself. Here is a sample diet menu on the gooseberry. First day. You will need to eat 500 grams of gooseberries by dividing the number of berries in three stages. For Breakfast you are allowed a piece of bread with cheese, lunch can eat some low fat cottage cheese, and dinner to complement two cups of yogurt. The second day. The number of berries increased to 600 grams. The Breakfast included a bowl of oatmeal, and cook gooseberry compote. For lunch eat boiled chicken breast and goose dinner – curd and gooseberry.

Menu of the first and second days need to be alternated during the week. During this time, the weight will go, and you can lose up to four pounds of excess weight. Do not forget to drink mineral water without gas or clean water, and of course move more. But such diet has its contraindications. In the first place are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and various chronic diseases. Therefore, without consultation with the doctor to use this diet is not desirable, unless of course you don't want instead of chiseled shape to health problems.

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