Cheese diet

Protein is an essential nutritional element, without it the body is starving and sick. It protein pay attention to the different diets, protein diets are the most gentle, although incomplete. One of the foods that have a lot of complete protein is cheese, but cheese protein belongs to a particular species is a protein from animal milk, which was originally intended for feeding young, and so it is absorbed easier the usual meat protein.

Variants of the diet on cheese offers many, the perfect is neither one, as they are quite strict and restrictive. However, by reducing calories, but donations of protein they transferred relatively easily — the main thing is not to overdo it and to stick with them for a long time. Cheese is a protein-fat concentrate milk, so it contains vitamins and minerals.

In many cheese fat-soluble vitamins A and D, cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is important for bone and circulatory systems, cheese contains special substances that stimulate the production of endorphins and giving the rest of the nervous system. Cheeses traditionally made from cow's milk, although there are goat cheeses, cheese from the milk of cows, mares or soy cheese, vegetable milk. In addition, for people with impaired digestion of milk sugar lactose-free cheeses are used. In cheese, add different ingredients — salt, spices, mould for the starter and spicy, the cheese is melted and soaked in a special sauce. All this is done to a variety of tastes.

Cheeses vary in their level of greasiness and hardness, it is important for the formulation of the diet — it is mostly required low-fat varieties of cheeses, not higher than 10-15% fat, no spices and unsalted. Give preference to hard cheeses. Various options of cheese diets are divided into two groups — fasting and low-calorie. The first is the shaking of the body due to the drastic reduction of nutrients and load of protein on one-two days in combination with wine. In the second diet is limiting the intake of carbohydrates, replacing them with fats and proteins from cheese and add to the diet additional products.

Due to this, there is a stimulation of carbohydrate, and splitting their own fat reserves. Both diets are strict and must be practiced not more than once every six months — a very serious stress the organism experiences.

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