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Unique in every sense the product of the egg. Moreover, not only chicken. Eggs it is, in fact, "chicken eggs" is as healthy and nutritious as fish. Only larger.

Most often speaking about eggs as food, there are referring to chicken eggs. Because it is the main bird that is kept to produce eggs. The composition of the egg is protein and the yolk. The yolk, in turn, consists of proteins (protein), fat and of course cholesterol as an animal product. Egg protein also contains 90% water and only 10% protein. If we talk about the usefulness of eggs that is not too much to say that their use is good for the whole body but their excessive use in the diet can adversely affect the liver. As a product that contains easily digestible protein eggs are good raw athletes, they mostly contain protein that is easily digestible and slowly splits.

The paradox of eggs is to get the eggs the maximum benefit, different parts need different cooking. Protein is necessary to cook to it of the substance became soft and digestible for the body. And the yolk, on the contrary, can not digest, otherwise it will be very small. Therefore, diets often engage in "egg-white omelettes" — a dish with no egg yolks at all! Well, since only a complete maniac capable of cooking a separate protein and egg yolk is the most healthy dish of eggs "in the bag".

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