The eyes are the mirror of the human soul

As you know, the human eye is the mirror of his soul. In the eyes of the impact character traits, past experience and even intellectual abilities. In the eyes always possible to determine the internal feelings, the shades of emotional States and mood, to judge the feelings and emotional qualities. Let's talk about how this or that eye color affects our character. With this knowledge, you can not only better understand yourself but also gain a deeper understanding of others. Green-eyed people are different assertiveness, perseverance, persistence, stability, firmness, integrity and dedication. Prone to hard work, if you plan a goal — go to it, no matter what, persistently overcoming all obstacles. The nature similar to cats. Externally — strong and independent, but only as long as there is no trust.
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But people with brown or black eyes - active, passionate, impulsive, energetic. Gambling, enterprising, initiative — they can't sit still. All the time they need to reach some heights. They have power, by nature — the leaders. Have a hot temper, sexy and sensitive. Radiate charm and warmth. People are selective — who do you love — the one lucky who hate — so do not envy. The darker the eye color — the more pronounced all these qualities.
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Very different in character than the lords of the dark brown eyes, people with hazel eyes. The lighter the iris, the more indecision, isolation and shyness in a person. Often such people resort to dreams and dreams, preferring their aggressive actions. Prone to laziness, passivity. They are sensitive and delicate, touchy and sensitive. Despite the apparent shyness, softness and malleability, at heart he is quite stubborn and tend. People with blue eyes - romantics and dreamers. Often decide feeling fantasize. Women prefer handsome gallant courtship by males. Vulnerable and sensitive. They are easily hurt, and the images they remember for a long time. All take to heart. Can too much experience to fall into depression. Prone to frequent changes of mood, vagaries. However, with all its sentimentality, the great depth of feeling they may not be. Blue color refers to cold colors, and more than icy shade, the less heat the soul of this man.
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Blue-eyed — attractive, emotional, sensitive, sentimental and romantic. Capable of great passion, can greatly fall in love. But the requirements to present a great partner. The blue color is a combination of cold and saturated shades, so the blue-eyed emotionality is reflected not only in her passionate love, but in a frenzy of antipathy — if they don't like someone, they are able to lead a long and hard war against them. People with grey eyes by nature are hard workers. They are intelligent, sensible, thoughtful, inquisitive. Practical, realistic, thorough, reliable, conscientious, patient, persistent, determined, and standing firmly on his feet. Among them, many thinkers, intellectuals. Unpretentious in life, calm and not ambitious to communicate. Dark grey eyes give a person very determined, strong, brave and stubborn. Such people are strong — willed, imperious, jealous and owners of nature. They are very loyal lover, and is unlikely to go "left".Twenty three million one hundred eighty four thousand nine hundred forty three

But the owners of the two eyes at the same time icy tones such as gray and blue - and in the character combines quality blue-eyed and gray-eyed people. A man — ambitious, decisive, fair, purposeful, strong and solid. It rarely comes off, calm, honest. Among blue-gray and often a truly wise people — because they have the mind combined with intuition and flexibility of thinking and creativity. In love, they may be betrayed, though the sentiment of large no different. A lot depends on which of the two predominant colors — blue, or gray. Such people lacks the sincerity and emotional warmth. Very rare, but still occur and yellow eyes. Warm pigment of the eyes makes them artistic, attractive and radiating warmth and generosity. They are resourceful, flexible, inventive. However, there are insidious and unpredictable. Therefore, do not have a sweet one who freaks them out. In General, the color the human eye is of great importance, because it can either attract or scare away others.

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