How to start a weight loss?

To lose weight many want, but only few know where to start... losing Weight does not start with refused the extra sandwich, but with the right mindset. Our body obeys its built-in computer, the brain, because it is here that we need to start preparing for the global weight loss. Define clear goals of losing weight, put a realistic time frame.

Remember that changes in body weight should not exceed 4-5 kg in a month, so as not to disturb the internal organs. Correctly formulate their wishes – don't tell yourself, "I want to lose weight!" it means to worsen their condition, say, "I want to lose weight!" thus You emphasize that getting rid of unnecessary. Don't make any sudden shifts in the menu, just for a start, reduce portions, go easy on the flour.

Any change the usual menu is a signal to the brain: "Be on your guard – something is going on wrong!" Even cutting usual portions in a couple of weeks can give positive results – due to the reduction of incoming calories, besides smaller portion – less than the volume of the stomach, which means rapid saturation and the lack of hunger pangs. Over time, introduce more vegetable dishes, do not abuse potatoes. When this pattern of eating will become habitual, begin to arrange fasting days once a week. In those days, "make" clean water without gas and raw unsweetened fruits and vegetables. Try not to leave all sorts of Goodies, because sitting at a computer or a TV, a hand involuntarily reaching for the vase. Do not push yourself and don't let it make friends and family members, so if You have decided to buy a new house, and they'd advise – You wouldn't listen. So here, Your new body is a new house, do not pay attention to the obstacles – You will succeed!

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