The first two rules of weight loss

In view of the adverse environmental conditions, operating mode, many have problems with excess weight. Themselves and often choose a diet that is called from the bulldozer. Usually few can withstand a full cycle of the diet, and half of those who survived, the weight returns. Two big mistakes people make, go on a diet — this is the only "healthy" foods little by little, but when I want to, and weight loss through dairy products.

Let's start with the quantity and quality of food eaten. Israeli scientists proved that the best option to hold the weight in place is to eat at the same time, in one and the same! For hours literally. Experiments conducted on mice for 18 weeks showed that the group of rodents, which were fed hourly normal diet, indicated better results in comparison with the group who ate regular food anyhow (the worst option), and who ate "healthy" foods anyhow.

So who wants to start to bring your weight at the desired rate without refund, start eating on schedule, then or simultaneously you can change the diet to a proper, that is to avoid fatty and sweet, especially in the afternoon when the metabolic rate begins to decline.

Now as for dairy products. Sitting on one yogurt, you will not go far, everything is easily reversible. And at night opivatsya yogurt is also a mistake. The fact that our dairy products contain starch and thickeners that blocks its diuretic effect, which means delays from the excess water in the body. In addition, the milk and the like — are carbohydrate foods, even low-fat. And to lose weight on carbohydrates is total nonsense.

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