Pozdravlaem, You have twins!

80 babies born an average of one pair of twins have. For their birth predisposes the hereditary factor, but in any case, the probability increases with the age of the expectant mother and number of previous pregnancies. Multiple pregnancy can be identified during ultrasound studies already in the early stages. Ultrasound also allows opredelimost of placentas and the fetal bubble. Identical( or monozygotic) twins that develop as a result of selection of one of the ovum, is born in 35 percent of cases. Fraternal, resulting from the fertilization of two eggs is 65 percent. Multiple pregnancy, usually accompanied by more severe ailments( nausea, digestive problems, back pain, heavy legs, shortness of breath). If you are expecting twins, it is recommended to get plenty of rest, especially at the end of the pregnancy itself( relies you a more extended prenatal leave). A multiple pregnancy requires more careful monitoring.

How are birth? An enlarged uterus and an impressive weight of children affect the way that birth, usually occur early. Babies are usually born with a small weight( an average of 2.5 kg) than in singletons. The birth of the first child is the same as for singleton pregnancies. The second is born a few minutes after the first. If the birth of the second child is delayed, an obstetrician-gynecologist helps him see the light.

Well, you had twins. But this does not in any way does not mean that you should forget about your personal life. Don't put it on the point. Arrange an evening for two. At least once a week is necessary you and your husband to get out of the house, like go shopping, dinner or just to ride in the car to stay together. Well, if there parents live nearby who can watch your kids for a few hours. All this will strengthen your family. You should also develop a user-friendly for your kids and you daily routine and stick to it. It will be easier to carry out their daily business. If last night was woken up by one of the kids, feed and Wake him up and feed at the same time second.

It is very important the mother of the boys not to forget about yourself. Accept from the other any assistance and use the time for yourself (even if it is a 10-minute bath, while the children sleep). You can relax after the stresses and trials associated with parenting. It is in the first year of life children will help you not to go mad.

Do not be afraid of difficulties. You just need to make mode. Gemini is a double joy.

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