10 mistakes when seducing women

Men have one common weakness is women... But why do some men, seemingly ordinary and in no way gifted by nature, constantly enjoyed the attention, appear at events with the beauty at hand, they constantly keep calling different girls?

While others, like smart, nice and successful in General men in my personal life things are not as good as I would like. One wants to see every day a new friend and the other wants to find and win the girl of his dreams. How to achieve this?

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The easiest and most effective way to achieve the girls to try in everything to please her and do whatever she asks. Ladies adore henpecked. In the vernacular it is called "rag".

Such women will have to use to solve their domestic problems, feeding him with promises and advances. "Nick, honey, can you fix my computer?"or, "Honey, throw me to the airport?"Many men at times perform all requests from the girls in the hope that if he does anything she asks they are about to begin the novel that, by the way, is unlikely to happen, because henpecked do not excite. Never opened and will not initiate in the coming century.

But do not confuse henpecked with gentlemen. They always take care of women. Shake hands when leaving the transport to push the chair in at a restaurant, help with my coat, and just to provide a service is a normal manifestation of your sense of chivalry and concern. Just the difference is that in the first case, he wants to get something in return and willing to please, just to please, and in the second case, he was pleased to help the woman, he does not expect anything in return.



Many people think that by asking the woman more questions, they quickly reach its location. Where work? A long time ago? How do you relax? Where have you been? And liked? Why? Girls love the dialogue when told the items they evoke a lively response in the interlocutor, not another question.

The ideal scenario of communication — when you are attentive to the interviewee and interested in her life, but you communicate on topics that concern both of you. Tell her what will make her survive or will arouse curiosity, joy, or sympathy.

Share such details of your life, from which it will take your breath away. Make her listen to you, open your mouth, swallowing your every word. The brighter you describe your image, the more she will want to know you better. Ask her about what you do is. And hearing the answer, respond.



Women freeze before strong men (and I'm talking not about muscles). They like their leaders charismatic, "warriors", who have their own opinion and their own rules. They adore men who know what they want and are able to achieve your goals (even if it is a she).

Therefore, constant search for approval of your actions by the woman, which lies in uncertainty and shyness, is also a great way to achieve it. It looks stupid when the man constantly asks the woman if she's with him. Even sillier, when a man knows what he wants, and every decision he need the approval or support.

Why would she worry questions "where are we going?"and "what are we going to do?". The girl much easier and nicer to feel close to a man that takes the lion's share of responsibility for your leisure time for themselves. If any of your suggestions would be unacceptable for her, she is about to say.



How often have you took a girl out to dinner, gave her gifts and flowers, and she liked you the other guy who didn't give her half of what you? The method "Now I'll show her what I'm feeling generous, and she is sure I will fall in love", perhaps a long time ago and worked. But nowadays there is a whole generation of girls who graciously accept the gifts of men smiling in response and pinching your cheek with the words "You're cute".

As practice shows, this approach is valid for very limited number of girls, and acts, I must admit, very poorly. If a man is only a bag of gifts, it will always take only the gifts. Not reciprocating his feelings. This is easily explained.

Once you begin to "ply" the woman, she immediately suspects you: "I don't think I'll like the way I am, so I will try to buy your attention and location". Your intentions start to play against you and perceived by women as weak attempts good for nothing male to the beautiful Princess — her. Another thing, when you really want to make my girlfriend a gift.

You saw a soft toy of Teddy bear, which is something you very much like a girl. Such gifts must be done! Because they give unforgettable emotions, they make her smile every time she remembers about them or sees. And here works the same principle. Gifts need to do from the heart. Not because you begged, and in any case, do not expect that you something will.



Another very serious mistake is to reveal their feelings too early stage of your communication. Beautiful women have always enjoyed the increased attention of men. Typically, these women often meet men. They have a great experience. And they know what to expect from men in relationships.

That is why the surest way to get a woman to flee from you with all his phrase "you Know... I really... likes me very much", while the woman still is not interested in you herself. These words are for her a sign that you are like all the other guys who fall for her too fast. And I can't control myself.

With such clear. They are not interesting. To chat with a girl must be so until the very last moment she hesitated: "And if he likes me? And if I'm good enough for him?»



Have you noticed that very often couples where the woman is incredibly attractive and a man can not be called such even in the most optimistic comments? This explains the fact that women are attracted to a certain set of masculine qualities that she feels great next to this one.

Appearance — not the main one. Men's attraction like a switch. There are only two positions — "On" and "Off". It appears as quickly as it disappears. The female libido can be compared to a balloon that must be filled with positive emotions instead of air. If you look well, properly communicate and properly positioning yourself, the "ball of emotions" is gradually inflated.

If you start making mistakes, the ball forms a hole through which goes the entire "air" and attraction to you falls. To convince the girl that she likes you, is almost impossible. If she doesn't feel attraction to you, to explain to her what you are good and unique, it is useless.

Unfortunately, many men do not understand and begin to chase the girl, chase her and beg for a meeting, falling asleep by her arguments. It's a terrible strategy never brings desired results. No beliefs — only a deceit.



Another fairly common mistake which many guys end up trying even before they start. Without a doubt, women with defined selection criteria exist. But most women are much more interested in the personality of men than in his wallet or how he looks.

In any case, you cannot put a cross on the beautiful girls, if you don't have villas in Spain, your height less than 190 cm or are you not as beautiful as brad pitt. Money is just a resource, and the possession of it does not force others to love you. The real reason success is your personality. Your inner world. And the emotions that you can give to your beloved.



Now I will reveal to you terrible secret. A woman always knows what you think and what you want. Women are at times better read our body language, tone of voice and intonation than we are. I know it's extremely hard to believe, but when you sit on a date with a girl and want to kiss her, she already knows about it.

And if you do not do anything to kiss her, and just sit, look at it and start to get nervous — it will not help you. Moreover, she will think: "why he does what he wants?"If you crumple and don't know what to do in each situation, you can lose everything. And you know it. You need to clearly understand what to do in each moment how to get what you want.



Sometimes in the life of every man there's a funny girl. Well, not like everyone else. The man forgets everything and head thrown into the maelstrom of her beautiful eyes and gentle embrace. And then the worst thing happens. He forgets everything. Her need to seduce. Should be the charm. Still, he "fell in love without memory" and is ready to sacrifice everything for her.

After all, such as it is, no longer exists. And it must be achieved at any cost. It gets too bewitched by it. Not sleeping at night, thinking about her, constantly seeking a meeting, scribbling SMS and messages online. Simply put, he starts to behave like a complete idiot. Forgetting friends and work, he begins to show her attention, making mistake after mistake.

Unfortunately, when a girl sees that a man carried away by her (her beauty, a smile or a mole above the lip), she immediately realizes that she controls the situation, and her play becomes boring. For it has no intrigue. As if the kitten, which was given in the foot bow which he usually ran and could not catch. For her, this party has played. No passions, expectations, emotions, unpredictability, which are so necessary to the girl to the formation of her attraction to the man. For her, this lover boyfriend is not a man.


Each of your failed men led you to Your Only

Why did the man ignores the woman he likes?



There it was! Remember the ball? As soon as you cease to seduce a woman, she immediately feels it, and the ball begins to deflate — attracted to you abruptly disappears. In her head, born of a terrible idea: "what if I don't like it so much?"Women more than anything are afraid to be rejected.

It is much easier to maintain its independence and not to get a man who loves, than to risk with the possibility of being rejected by this man. Moreover, she just wants to be able to seduced her. She doesn't want to "do it alone". It is a reality and men seduce women rather than Vice versa. So think twice whether you get this girl?

And if the answer is Yes — continue to give her emotions and get pleasure from communication with it, and in any case do not stop until they win it. published  


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