Diet for easy delivery

The closer the due date, the more fear and worry for how it goes. But do not be afraid. It turns out that much of the desired can be achieved by the right diet in the last trimester of pregnancy. Of course, if you could eat all in a row, it is doubtful that this method will be effective. But if two trimester you adhered to the healthy lifestyle and diet, it will certainly have a result!

The main principle — during pregnancy food should be simple and useful. It is primarily the lack of a menu of various canned goods -condensed milk, stewed fruits, prepared juices, yoghurts (if not special marked "no preservatives"). All this with the accumulation in the body can cause a child diathesis and dysbiosis.

In the last 3 months mostly weight gain the already formed child. At this time, it is recommended to make the main emphasis on vegetables, fruits, nuts, salads, greens, milk and milk products, whole grain products, dried fruits, eliminating or substantially eliminating from the diet of meat and meat products, eggs, white bread. For a month before giving birth, you should limit the consumption of easily digestible carbohydrates: sugar, honey, jam, etc., to give up entirely on pastry and fatty foods – this will prepare the fruit for childbirth, reduce its fat mass for easier passage through the birth canal. The disclosure of the birth canal is much rather the abdominals working harder, in connection with these labors, it accelerates to a certain extent anesthetized.

3 weeks before delivery it is proposed to also exclude milk and milk products as sources of calcium, moving to vegetables, fruits, broths and whole grain cereals. Approximately in one to two weeks before delivery it is necessary to remove from the diet of porridge and bread, leaving only vegetarian food. It helps the intestines to remain not loaded. Also by this time the baby is big enough and the body has a hard to process heavy food.

On the day of birth, if you have already felt the contractions or my water broke, better not to eat anything. This is due to two reasons: first, during fights often there is a nausea, and secondly, the intestines should be empty as well as after birth it is very hard to go to the toilet. You can drink water with lemon, because during birth the body is severely dehydrated.

Experts suggest that women following these recommendations, weight of child to give birth is около3 kg, head diameter — not более35 cm, and childbirth are much easier, with minimal damage.

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