Choosing underwear for pregnant women

At this crucial period of your life underwear is not a luxury, and purchasing necessary for your health and comfort, and for the baby's health.

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First and foremost, remember that it is important to wear underwear made of pure cotton. Many pregnant women skin problems such as Allergy, itching, sweating, irritation, and synthetic fabrics can make it only worse.

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        Bra. Usually expectant mothers learn about their interesting position it is for a special, often painful, sensations in the breast. The Breasts enlarge, becoming more sensitive, maybe in the early stages of rooting, as it usually happens before menstruation.

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It is therefore recommended to abandon the usual thingies, push-up and underwire, if you dabbled in it before, and wearing bras sports or semi-sports type, which supports the breast well without constraining it. It is also desirable that the bra was sewn from natural fabrics or, at least, had a natural inner layer, close to the body.

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        Panties. EXTno panties for moms-to-be are no different from ordinary, but their peculiarity is that they gently contour the lower part of the stomach, without exerting any pressure on her, and also not crash into the sides, which can also increase during this period. Even if the Constitution allows you to do your usual panties, give up models with high waist, because they can put pressure on the belly and harm the baby.

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