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Often we underestimate the feelings of our children. But what mark would leave the first love in the soul of the child depends on us. World history tells of the amazing examples of true love since childhood. Little Alexander Blok played in the Summer garden of St. Petersburg with a pretty girl Lyuba Mendeleevo. A few years later Alexander literally rode to the girl on a white horse. Growing up girl, Lyubov Dmitrievna became his wife, Muse and Beautiful Lady for life. Well, next to them were considerate adults. But it all could have happened differently.

Adults feelings. Your daughter is only five years old, and she's already spinning in front of the mirror and asks the fateful question: "Mommy, do you think, and He with me get married?" Of course, all this is not serious, smile you. And the next day you see the tears of his baby girl, which choice traded to another five-year-old bride. Are you ready to give up and say that all this is nonsense. But something stops you. Tears and emotions even childish, but real. The feelings our children are purer, sincere and vulnerable of our senses. Therefore, ridicule from adults about Hobbies not age can cause real trauma that may have consequences for a lifetime. Fear of looking ridiculous, the growing complexes, the evidence of their inferiority capable of destroying to the little man the very desire to love. Treat childhood love seriously, try to do without morals, do not read notation and do not laugh at little Romeo or Juliet.

School love. Ten-year old son told me that Vic from "B" class gave him a Valentine and he kissed her on the cheek. Do not panic and do not rush to give a lecture about that at such an early age to kiss is impossible. Because you only teach a child to hide their feelings, cultivate the idea that love is a shame. The "correct" parental attitude is to look after the development of the senses of children and to support them, but never forced to share your views and not to accompany their own premature conclusions. The children themselves will eventually sort things out in their relationship. And we adults are often unable to understand their own.

Oh, those teenagers! Son is a senior in high school met a girl who now hung on his neck? You imagined the beloved only son is not the same. First instinct is to deny, not to accept. But is it possible to put an absolute prohibition on feelings, or command to love? But you can learn to hide feelings, hide in the corners, not to consult with parents, don't trust them. Try not to interfere in the relationship of children, remember yourself at their age and how you are treated to the lecture.

Please be tolerant! First feelings are always painful. Let the child remembers that you are his faithful friend that he can always tell you their secrets. Advise is correct, in your opinion, the solution. Show your behavior and actions that you are convinced that he will make the right and correct choice. Thus, you will be able to gain the trust and respect of your child. He probably will follow your advice.

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