"Paperless 2013" by Google

From one tree is approximately 30 reams of office paper A4 standard density of 80 g/m2. This quantity of paper, usually consumes one average office worker per year. This impressive figure is enough to imagine how much you can save trees, giving preference to electronic document circulation and using in the office paper from recycled materials.

To minimize harm to the nature of the pulp and paper industry, and at the same time to advertise their services, Google, HelloFax, and Fujitsu and a number of other large companies have decided to draw public attention to their environmental initiative called "Paperless 2013" (2013 Paperless).

The initiative aims to reduce paper consumption in most types of office documents: invoices, contracts, expense reports, Fax and so on. Today, anyone can use these free tools for a paperless office:

1. Google Drive: allows you to store documents and photos in the cloud and sync with your mobile device. Special apps are available for iOS and Android.

2. Fujitsu ScanSnap: it's a small device with special software will allow you to get rid of file cabinets and drawers to clear your desktop of unnecessary paper.

3. HelloFax: it allows you to send and receive faxes digitally via a smartphone. The app can be downloaded via HelloFax.com or the Chrome Store.

4. HelloSign: allows you to provide the documents by digital signatures with your smartphone and send them to other users. The app is currently available only for iOS.

5. Expensify: easy to control expense reports. The app is available for iOS and Android.

6. Manilla: allows you to manage accounts online through the Internet (web) and mobile app for iOS or Android.

7. Xero: allows you to send invoices via the Internet and manage their payments without using paper. The app is available for iOS and Android.

As you know, electronic documents have their advantages: they are easier to find by key word, easier to archive, they can share with others via email. However, the paper has many other advantages: it is palpable, and the leaves can be spread out on the table in any order; the paper can be personalized, making notes, comments and marks in the margins.

This year, the market goes innovative Japanese design called "Loops" which is a duet of two useful devices. The first — printer, scanner, printer and Fax machine in one, — prints and copies documents using special ink. The second device erase unnecessary text from the old document, and thus that distinguish a new sheet from the sheet which has passed through the erase procedure, is almost impossible. Well, in order to avoid loss of important data before erasing the device scans destroy the text and sends it to the computer memory. The developers assure that this system is reusable paper saves up to 80% of a valuable resource. Cheap technology will not name: estimated price new — $17000. On the other hand, the development promises to pay for itself through the reduction of paper costs, which in major companies measured by the cosmic figures. So the Japanese expect to sell not less than 5 thousand "Loops" for the year.

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