The differences between the twins from twins

Many moms and dads dream to have two children. That is, twin children , or of children-twins. What's the difference? It turns out that the difference lies in the mechanism of fertilization. Twins born as a result of fertilization of one ovum by only one spermatozoon. But the twins born as a result of fertilization of multiple oocytes by different sperm. The differences between the twins from twins, VSK details in our article...

How to plan twins? This, doctors say, is virtually impossible. The science is still not known why the fertilized egg can be divided into 2 or more parts. It proved only that this fact does not affect the hereditary factor, nor the age of the parents. Odnoshovnyh twins are called identical, i.e. identical. These kids have the same set of genes. These babies are similar to each other as two drops of water, they have the same blood type and, most interestingly, the same fingerprints. Gemini is a very strong familial spiritual connection with each other, they suffer from the same disease, feel what is happening with their brother or sister in the distance.

But the birth of twins, triplets or mnogopaltsevy twins, as they are called, is caused by scientific factors. In recent years they have started to be born more often. All because after a long reception of hormonal contraceptives in a mother's body increases the amount of this hormone as a gonadotropin. He stimulates the maturation of eggs. So, at the moment of ovulation from the ovary and fertilized out not one, but several eggs. And there in the light of dz twins. The chance to give birth to twins can grow with artificial insemination. Indeed, in vitro woman at conception hoisted from a few fertilized eggs. Physicians want a single one of them stuck. It happens that the root of several. Most twins are born from a woman from 30 to 40 years.

Twins can be similar in appearance, and can not be. Also twins can be different sexes, have different inclinations, different blood groups and different characters. The twins, by the way, can be conceived from different fathers. In other words, twins – a brother and sister, brother and brother, sister and sister, but it's a totally different person!

Identical twins are born with a frequency of 1 every 3.5-4 thousands of genera. But twins more often — with a frequency of 1 time per 1000 births. The frequency of the birth of triplets – 1 in every 8 thousand births. So if you want to give birth to twins or fraternal twins, you have this strong desire. And your dream will come true. Because thoughts are material!

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